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bull durham the mastergatorbaiter / Bio

jes' tryin' to get on wid' it, baby. livin' everyday like it's NEW YEAR'S EVE. i'm here for a good time, not a long time. i just want to live, love, laugh and play music. then, i'll die. if i leave something behind, or if i don't, it's all good, sugar. none of this really matters, anyway. this is just a test. testing...one, two, three...

the first ten songs i wrote and performed solo. on 'baby girl' and '2much2bad' i let another performer sing (wes raymond). recorded at sound services in new orleans by mark hewwitt-a wizard...a true star.

'wyneeta' and 'helper monkey' my good friend, nitro, wrote, and he graciously asked me to play on them. thanks, man! we recorded 'born under a bad sign' together, as well.

"seventh son" was recorded live at dan electroelectro's guitar bar in houston, along with "i don't care" sang by joe mendosa. guess it was a bit too long for here. ends kinda' abruptly-much like my stint with that band. hahaha!

the next one is, again, with my buddy mike and 'mean streak blues', the lovely ruthie goodsoul on vocals.

here's were you get the bad along with the good. the last tune 'boom boom' was just a mess. haha! i was playin' with two guitar players, that night. both were drunk. matter of fact, one of them wound up going to jail right after the gig. haha! it's all funny, now. anyway, they were so fucked up, i sorta' took the lead on the tune. not the way it's suppose to go, but i was trying to prop up the two bums. that was the night i decided not to play with bands that out drink the people who come to the show. haha!

next up, we have another 'mean streak blues' tune with, again, the lovely ruthie on vocals.

i'm happy. always have been. i love playing music. i'm too lazy to work and too honest to steal so, this is it, for me.

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bull durham the mastergatorbaiter
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Blues / swamp music / smelly funky trippy stuff

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Jackson, MS
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