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Tommy Lourdes / Bio

Tommy Lourdes is a modern rock singer and songwriter who seems to take his cues from today's Top 40 while still capably reflecting a certain loyalty to classic rock and heavy metal.He quotes his influences and inspirations as a series of non-sequiturs that range from The Beatles to Black Sabbath, from Neil Young to Lady Gaga, Disturbed, Slipknot, and Prince.

Born in Hollywood, California, and raised in several different states and commonwealths from coast to coast, Tommy Lourdes started his first band after finally settling in the dark heart of New England as a youth. It was during this time, while discovering the hard edges of west coast rock bands like GnR. Motley Crue, RATT, and (the flip side) Metallica, that his first songs were written.These formative inspirations can be heard still, in his individual style of blue streaked, hammer on and pull off driven acoustic chord patterns, percussive strum, and affinity for the middle and high range vocal styles that are often compared to Bon Jovi, and Sebastian Bach. While these vocalists certainly influenced Tommy's vocal style, they certainly weren't imitated. This artists' stories are told through a versatile, nuanced, and unique voice with as much to say about affairs of the heart as there is to say about the state of affairs, at home and in the world at large.

After a few years in local bands, some more notable than others, and having performed on some of the most legendary stages from coast to coast, Tommy has set his sights on nailing down his version of success after having allowed it to escape on too many occasions.
As of this writing, in January 2013, plans are being made for studio projects, landmark performances,and steps in the direction of the most popular music/performance based reality show on network TV.
When the right parts fall into the right places, Tommy Lourdes may just be someone you heard of before.

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Tommy Lourdes (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist)
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Tommy Lourdes
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Waterbury, CT
Sam Zofer

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