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The Nichols Family Gospel Hour / Bio

The Nichols Family Gospel Hour is a project helmed by Darren Nichols that belongs in no certain genre of music.
With styles ranging from Acoustic, Metal, Blues, Rock & Classical mixed with a depressing, bleak atmosphere. Purposely straying away from things that would place them in certain category/genre of music.

“I wanted to do something that Id never heard before. I'm a fan of so many styles of music and bands from really mellow and beautiful to really heavy and beautiful. I love melodic instrumental acoustic stuff with violins and cellos and wanted to do something to incorporate those instruments with ideas i’ve had. As a musician, Stevie Ray, Iommi and Dime are idols, but bands like Pink Floyd, Woven Hand, Antimatter, Anathema and dark film soundtracks really move my soul so I guess that’s a part of my inspiration too. I thought it would be fun to stray away from the whole 4 or 5 piece band thing and just write solo but also have that option to bring in family or friends when I think a track calls for it."

TNFGH's self titled album was released worldwide on CD & iTunes on November 27th, 2007.
It featured 12 tracks (Exactly 1 Hour) which over 20 instruments were used on. It is a conceptual album, telling a story in reverse.
Reception of the album was met with high reviews and was often called the invention of a new genre.

"In the beginning I didn't want to be apart of ANY genre of music. I beat myself to death while recording. If something sounded like it had been done before, I quit and started over again. It's pretty much impossible to come up with a 100% original idea without it sounding like shit, but I tried. Doing interviews you get asked a lot about who you like or whatever. Basically they want to know what I'm actually playing. Rock, country, metal or whatever because it is so eccentric sounding. So, I started calling it Death Blues. A big percentage of subject matter is about death in one way or another so I went with Death Blues."

The self titled album was followed up by "The Polemic E.P" in 2008. It consisted of 6 tracks recorded during the Self Titled sessions. It is offered as a free download online (It’s easy to find via search engine).

The track The Foes of The Righteous Will Be Condemned (Off The Polemic E.P) was featured on Rodentagogue: The Best of Dark Roots Music Volume II and the band can also be found on numerous compilations online.

The Nichols Family Gospel Hour's latest album is titled "II (Mundus Vult Decipi)" and was released April 12 2012. It is available via iTunes and many other places. It contains 14 tracks and is a continuation of the story where the self titled left off.

The frontman for Irish band Killing Lazarus; Dave Lee wrote lyrics for and recorded vocals on two tracks, Orozco & Death's Lullaby (ACT II). The track The Devil We Know was featured on the popular compilation album "The Book of Riff Elations Vol.1" released by Grip of Delusion Records.

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Band Members
Darren Nichols - Multi-Instrumentalist
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The Nichols Family Gospel Hour
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Experimental / Death Blues / Acoustic

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Henrietta, TX
Darren Nichols

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