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Since age 8, Chris Chaos has been a DJ.

Starting out with his home stereo for a neighborhood dance to an extensive, multi- formatted on air personality, CHAOS is all about America's blue collar workers. He has a "sudden impact" style with crass, quick witted humor.

Chris' radio stations continuously garner high ratings. 1069 ROCKS In Columbus, Fall 2012 -Chaos is #1 in every Rock demo. 12+, 18-34, 18-49 and owns Afternoons 3p-7p with his "crass, cool & total tool" sense of humor.

It wasn't always records on a turntable that captured his heart. "Man I never intended to be a DJ, I started out wiring radios and learning sound and lights for live performances, it all morphed into helping out as a roadie for a Punk Rock Band (BIG WORLD) in Providence my Junior & Senior years of High School. I would thumb to the top of Rte 1 & 138 for the bands van to pick me up- we traveled the New England Punk Rock Palaces Club Scene in Hartford, Boston and CBGB's NY... my job was to catch and retrieve our lead singer who would dive into the audience... maneuver him back to the stage and find his mic cord & re-attach it to his mic." We played with The Tubes, Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop, Joan Jett, Oingo Boingo, etc- at the height of the Punk rock it was a pretty crazy time.

The Summer of 1984 Chris promoted his first Rock Festival at the University Of Rhode island's Mosby Center. The event center sold out and the event was moved to a larger venue to accommodate a larger, record setting turn out.

In 1988 I introduced my first National Headliner at the Legendary Newport Jazz & Folk festival main stage... 'Spyro Gyra"... I remember interviewing the band on their tour bus and liking the idea we were all in cool A?C eating fresh sandwiches and drinking cold beverages while it was 98 degrees and humid outside. I learned to ask compelling questions to stay cool. Lol.

Between 1990- 1992, Chris became one of the most sought after LIVE Appearance DJ's in Providence (Market #28) creating edgy games to draw listeners, and live stunts to keep them interested. Everything from climbing billboards over 100' high with no harness, sending his intern dressed in full Carmen Miranda Halloween Costume to trick or treat the day BEFORE Halloween at 6am, to himself dressing in A Red Dog Beer costume and peeing in the middle of a busy EIGHT lane highway. We had girls barking for beer and begging for a bone... it was definitely not your basic sit in the van and pass out cold pizza to car sales reps.

In 1995, Chris saved the life of a suicide call in fan. He received National attention on every major network as well as the Nationally Syndicated news magazine- INSIDE EDITION.

From causing riots at the two penny bridge in Skowhegan Maine, near Augusta- and many law suits for "pissing off the neighbors and the Mayor of Miami" "CHAOS" has ensued with high radio ratings wherever he goes, and any format. "I prefer Rock but really enjoy ALL types of music... it's a continuous learning experience."

As of August 10, 2010, Chris launched WVRK, ROCK 103 Columbus to it' highest ratings ever- for any rock station in the country. Persons 18-49 & Men 25-54 as per Arbitron Sp 2010.

There are similar David vs Goliath success stories in Ft Myers, Fayetteville, Memphis, Valdosta & Providence.

As Program Director & Air Talent, WQSM Q-98 was nominated for Radio Station Of The Year under Chaos' direction.

Chris has interviewed thousands of artists, authors and pop culture icons and current event stories.

Chaos has his name attached to Rock Radio, Clubs and Concerts in the South East as a successful branding promoter. Chris and his wife of twenty years also own the largest tanning Salon and Vapes store in Phenix City, AL, where he has called home since 2007. "The kids like it here- my youngest graduates in 2016...then we'll look at our options."

Chaos has been an entertaining "hype man" for major concerts, a highly demanded special event emcee.

In his "spare time" he enjoys relaxing with his wife, Deborah, and four sons, Tyler, Hunter, Sterling & Aiden.
"I had them when I was nine". Chris enjoys creativity in the kitchen, winning the 2010 People's Choice Award and 2011 Celebrity Spaghetti Cook -Off, Red Cross Fundraiser.

Chris does not charge for his appearances anymore, but is an avid supporter and donates his time and sponsorship money to Ronald McDonald House, Toys 4 Tots, Our House Children's Home, Santa's Castle, and dozens of local kids charities and local fund raisers.

For more on CHAOS- stalk him on twitter: www.twitter.com/c_chaos or BUY tickets to Local, Regional and National Rock concerts at "CHAOS-On The Rocks" via http://Facebook.com/ChaosOnTheRocks

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