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Bruce James Coleman, Jr. was born in 1981 in New Orleans. Coleman started rapping when he was fourteen years old. Before rap Coleman was A poet first. He was published in 1999 in a book called Teen Sexuality and Writing not Drowning. After high school Coleman went to the Navy and forgot about poetry and rapping. Bruce Got out the navy in 2003 and went back to New Orleans. In 2005 hurricane Katrina hit and Bruce found his self living in Houston Texas. Bruce says "after living in the world for years I found my way back to Jesus and God Almighty, and my gift of rapping came back to me."

Coleman finally had the chance to make his very first album in 2012. Most rappers has a rap name and Coleman was know as Philosophy back in his poetry days but that was his name before becoming more a Christian Rapper. "As for a Rap name I came up Mr. Righteous but i prefer to go by my real name Bruce James Coleman Jr." A lot of people in the world has told Coleman to change up since Christian Rap don't make a real profit. "My response to those people was this, I'm about Jesus so my Music must reflect that, to rap any other way is the death of my soul." For Coleman Christian Rap is a way of life, listening to his own is his testimony to keep him on a righteous path, and you can get the same motivation from this energetic righteous Christian Rapper.

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Bruce James Coleman Jr.
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Bruce James Coleman
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Bruce James Coleman Jr.

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