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"Maud In Cahoots are undisputedly one of the finest unsigned acts in the country. We recommend getting on this particular bandwagon early. If they become as big as they deserve to, you may soon struggle to get tickets."

"The set up of a violin, cello, tuba and piano sounds more like the makings of a sad orchestra, or a confused quartet then a band. But there’s something strangely intriguing about the set up, and it makes for a really interesting sound that is rarely, if ever, heard. Maud has a distinct, soulful voice and a very unique songwriting technique. It probably all stems from her classical roots, because every tune is crafted in a way that is evocative of a sonata, particularly Push Me Under and Breakdown. Pop Culture Monster can see Maud in Cahoots really going far both here and abroad, as they have a very radio friendly, yet quirky sound."
(Pop Culture Monster Blog)

"Maud Reardon, front woman of alternative pop group Maud In Cahoots, had the audience in the palm of her hands as her sultry, modern soul vocals blended with unique and idiosynchratic melodies played by the fantastic band, which included a tuba, cello, violin and glockenspiel. The exquisite score was imbued with whimsical touches, like Reardon using a siren-emitting loudspeaker as a microphone. This band could end up giving Florence’s Machine a run for their money." (Roe McDermott, Hotpress)


Dublin sisters Maud and Zoe bring their 7-piece band including tuba, cello and violin to play their unique brand of dramatic alternative pop. The band began life in New York in 2009, and since then MiC have played across America, before coming back to Dublin in 2010 to play support for The Antlers, and Snow Patrol. Now based in London, Maud in Cahoots has completed their debut EP, recorded at Lynch Mob Studios with producer Max Heyes (Doves, Paul Weller). Check the website for more info/live show announcements.



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Maud Reardon, Zoe Reardon
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Maud In Cahoots
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Alternative / Pop

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London, UK