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Peg Tassey / Bio

Album info and credits from 1987-2002 listed here. I posted the songs in all different ways, so search by year and download for FREE. I just made a few cassettes to sell at shows,so never got to put any of these recordings "out there".If you're one of the kind souls who came out to our shows, thank you! It was a blast & a dream and I loved you all. I hope you enjoy the songs and if you do, please pass 'em along to someone you think might dig 'em. xo Peg

>1987: "JINXED" Peg Tassey with Ethan Azarian, Max Schuman, Mark Spencer, Eric Porter, Joe Cannizaro, Peter Carpenter, Robert Crenshaw. Recorded by the amazing Mark Spencer in my apartment in Elmore, VT. I made them all chicken and provided a ton of beer. Please check out "Only God Knows". Double guitar solo by Mark. It's the only good song on the album. I was pretty new at this stuff here."Sweetheart's Dance" I wrote for the movie by the same name when I was working for Susan Sarandon.

> 1989: Peg Tassey and the Carefree Days of Childhood. Peg Tassey with Ethan Azarian, Max Schuman, Jesse Azarian, Tim Schner. Vocals recorded in Chuck Eller's bathroom at his apt. on Union St. Burlington, VT. Jesse played electronic drums, no room for real ones. Wonderdog, Spot, stunk up the place for the whole session. Please check out " Not True" on this album. PS, I think The Chile Peppers took the riff from "Pseudo" probably not consciously. I gave them a tape while hanging out at their trailer at their show in Burlington which was before "Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic" came out. Who knows. Also...covered a childhood favorite "Dizzy" by Tommy Roe

>1991: "Peg Tassey and Proud of It" Emotionoise. People refer to this album as "Emotionoise", but that was the moniker I gave to our music. It wasn't the name of the album. Peg Tassey with Josh Cooper, Denny Donovan, Troy Pudvah,Tony T, George Abele. Recorded at Vortex Studio in East Albany VT by Jon Williams. This was a purposely two sided album. We used to say "Side One for the heart, Side Two for the crotch". "Is It My Body" written by Alice Cooper. I actually like all the songs on this album. I hope you might have a listen. "Ethan is Stoned" was a stream of concsciousness song written when Ethan Azarian got stoned for the one and only time I saw him do that. Neither he or I smoked, so it was unusual...but we got a good song out of it. haha!

>1992: "The Naked Garden". (named for my literally empty garden that year due to touring around)
Peg Tassey and Proud of It. Peg Tassey with Josh Cooper, Denny Donovan, Troy Pudvah, Todd Dunn. Some people gave us a bunch of money to make a second album. Recorded at The Outlook Studio in Maine where we stayed at this crazy gnome castle in the woods with a big outdoor hot tub which was a Llama Retreat for Rich People. (not kidding). This album is one of those "theme" albums. I like "The Naked Garden", "Not Good", Recurring Dream", "I Remain" and especially "I'm So Tired" written by John Lennon.

>The Velvet Ovum Band 1995. This was a good band. The drummer was Ornan Mclean, and guitar player was my x-husband who I'd rather not name here. All of these recordings were made at home and were never finished ...no finished vocals on any of it...but these are some of my favorite songs. Particularly "When She Sleeps" which I wrote for my daughter when I was a brand new mom.

>The Kissing Circle 2002. This was my first sort of acoustic band. Peg Tassey on guitar, Indigo Ruth-Davis on cello, David Symons on accordion, and Julia Austin on bass. I loved playing with this band. We recorded these songs at Chuck Eller's studio...but I never put the final vocals on the songs, ran outta money. So these are scratch vocals...but it's all I've got as record of these songs. I think "Angle of the Sun" is probably the best song I've ever written. But what do I know?

I'm recording a new album this Winter...

Contact me if you have anything to say or ask.. pegtassey@gmail.com xo

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