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I believe in Love. I am always trying to light the dark places as best I can, with what I've been given. I make mistakes. I am a sinner. I live and breathe music, music is my guide through this life.

Life to me is like the biggest, best and most thrilling roller-coaster ride in the world. God is the framework, the brakes, the gears, the master of the operation. I have NO control over where it's going. When I'm climbing up, I can feel doubt, anxiety, fear coming in, but once I get to the top, I CAN SEE EVERYTHING, there is a peaceful pause and quiet, then it's all down hill from there for a while! Things are going great and I'm flying fast down the track and then suddenly out of nowhere there are times when I'm being thrown around corner after corner and getting turned and twisted in ways I didn't expect. I get all dinged up, I get dizzy, a little nauseous, but in the end I will look back and say, "that was awesome."

I want to live this life, one day at a time, one moment at a time and if it comes down to it, one breath at a time.

Singulus Spiritus Quondam

Nathan Anderson

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Nathan Anderson
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Nathan Anderson
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Christian Rock / Acoustic / Pop

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Saint Paul, MN

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