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Jimmi Roache / Bio

The Great Jimmi R....
I'm just another self taught musician that grew up in a small town and fights my way through thick and thin to live and thrive in the big city life.
A Carpenter/Cabinetmaker by day and a Rocker by night, I enjoy the very best of both worlds. No matter what I am doing, I do for a reason. The pure enjoyment of doing what I love no matter what it is. It's all about having fun. I make the very best with what I've got. Now that"s L I V I N !!!!
"Jimmi Roache" is a stage name that I acquired when I use to play in a band (Stormerz Inc./Road Engine Dreams) with my friends in Vancouver, where I've lived for 20+ years. A place where I've gained a lot of knowledge by trial and tribulations. It has been my play ground for just as long.
I've played at the same venues with a lot of great artists such as Eagle and Hawk, Leela Gilday, George Leach, just to name a few...

I like all sorts of music from all types of genres. When i press play on my MP3 player, it will start with a Thrash song then into an R&B song then go into a Hard Rock song then into a Blues song then into a country song then a Hip Hop song then a Punk song then a Classic Rock song so on and so forth...
Music is f*cking awesome!!! I can't go a day with out listening to it, playing it and/or writing it.
I would go out of my way to listen to a song and I would have to listen to the entire song before I can turn off my Mp3 player. That's just the way I am. I love music!!! Especially when it comes to the female voice. I just love the harmonies and soft tones that comes from the female voice.
When it comes to my music, I tend to write a lot about Heart ache and Livin free. They tend to go hand in hand. I don't necessarily stick with one genre when it comes to writing a song. I play and write what ever sounds good to me whether it be a Hard Rock song or a Blues song or a Country type of song. It all starts with a riff and what transpires after that is anybodies guess. It may take me a while to write lyrics but when it comes to composing a song, I write it on the fly. Lmao!!! Like I've said, It's all about having fun!!!!

So! From the words of the Great Jimmi R.,
"Remember to have fun, keep it real, be your selves and always live for the moments that sculpt your lives because there is never ever a time than right now. Otherwise, before you know it, it will all just pass you by!"

"Life & Times!
As life will Rock, the Times will Roll!
So Be strong, Stand Tall
and Keep on Rolling Man!
It's all Life & Times!"
Jimmi Roache..

General Info

Band Members
Jimmi Roache/Terence Isaac - Guitarist/Drummer/Vocals/Writer/Composer
Artist Name
Jimmi Roache
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Rock / Alternative Rock, Rock Blues / Indie, Metal, Instrumental

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Vancouver, BC, CA
Terence Isaac

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