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We play a style of music called “Old-time music”. More specifically, it’s Southern Appalachian country music, sometimes referred to as “Old Timey Music”, “Mountain Music”, or “American Roots Music”.

To the uninitiated, it may sound like “Bluegrass” but it actually has its roots or origins well before the advent of Bluegrass. This was music brought to the new world from early Europeon settlers, preserved through many generations in isolated regions of the south, and influenced by African slave music along the way. The music is intensely personal and reflects the culture and community spirit of the people who played it. This is the music one would hear at local dances, barn raisings, or any variety of social gatherings.

The music is orchestral in style. Musically, everyone contributes to a “total sound”. It is intensely rhythmic, containing melodies passed down through the generations, which evolve and become personalized. People who play this music leave a part of themselves that becomes part of the music, and thus part of the folk process. This music has been preserved over the decades and today can still be heard at dances and festivals. It is a musical style that stands on its own. There are many recordings of “old-time music” available today, and there is a very strong contingent of folks who compose “new” music in the old-time style. We have a lot of fun, and the energy with which we play is contagious. It’s hard to sit still!

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Charlie - fiddle, uke, guitar, banjo, voc; Bill - banjo, fiddle, guitar, voc.; Andrew - guitar, banjo-mando, uke, tenor banjo, voc.; Jack - harp, guitar, mando
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the SemiLocals
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Folk / Roots / Old-time string band

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Durham, CT