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"Being a creative songwriter is a lifelong journey through the minds and imaginations of many unsuspecting individuals" All 32 songs from my first 3 CD releases are uploaded here. My 4th Cd, "Folklore & Superstitions" was just released in 2013. For an utterly unforgettable experience, please make sure to visit my home website at www.foxmanmusic.com

BEWARE !! Vampires, doppelgangers, ghosts/hauntings, mafia, CIA, freemasons, voodoo, strip clubs, break up songs, chilling instrumentals, Rock-n-Roll hip shakers and punkish anthems ... it's all here !!!

WARNING: The Surgeon General has recently found that Foxman Music is highly addictive.


"Songs From The Gallery" (2001, 9 song demo) is the groundbreaking debut release by the Foxman. This demo release is quirky, off the wall, thought provoking and utterly unforgettable. It includes the emotional storyline and dramatic vocals of "New Orleans", the ultra experimental story telling crooner "Halfway To Memphis" (the debut of the sarcastic imp), the tongue in cheek oddball humor of "Baby Doll" (about a blow up doll), a trip down the crossroads in "Dusty Road", adrift in confusion and the fear of growing older in "Lost At Sea", an appearance by the devil himself in the soul searching rocker "Everything", the disturbing psychopathic characteristics of "Take A Look Around", a dance with a vampire in "Oh Desiree" and the all-American anthem "Sunday Morning". Yes, you did read all that correctly. The Foxman is very well known for thinking outside of the box and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

"Like The Freak You Are" (2005) is the breakout 2nd Independent release by the Foxman. This release is a masterpiece of creativity and a must own for fans of all musical genres. It includes the therapeutic musings of "Have Another Cigarette", a melancholy strip club song titled "Shake For Me Now" (a huge underground hit, written from the perspective of a mobster with a conscience), the rebellious anthem "Disgruntled", "One Out Of Many" is a quirky masonic money song with modern day relevance, a contemplative venture into the world beyond our imaginations in "Into The Unknown", the lurking instrumental "Shadows", an out of body experience in "Break The Walls", an epic spirit adventure in "Black Cat Saloon" and the police sirens of "City Streets" (written from the perspective of a homeless person who is holding on to the memory of a lost love because it is all he has left). "City Streets", "Shake For Me Now" and "Shadows" continue to be 3 of the Foxmans most popular and downloaded songs. Your collection just isn't complete without this release.

"Crazy Like A Fox" (2010-11) is the 3rd Independent release by the Foxman and it is a 13 song masterpiece of creative writing and a must own for fans of all genres. This release includes the old school hip shaking complacent mood of "Nothin", the nostalgic/retro vibe of "Best Days Of Your Life", the epic groundbreaking lucky voodoo song "Same Old Troubles", a fun, melancholy breakup song "Under The Weather", "Sweet Adelaide" is a chilling venture into the realm of immortality and painful loss, "Hard Times" is a rocker about a mobster on the run who is reflecting on his losses, "Horrible End" is about the mobsters demise, take a ride in the gypsy caravan with the underground folk hit "Doppelganger Blues", but beware of the blood thirsty vampire in "Where's The Sun", the animated/cartoonish song "Downtown" pits the Foxman against corrupt public officials, "Wilderness Of Mirrors" is a thrilling CIA/spy song, the unbeatable playful punk vibe of "Coming For You" and the slide guitar religious musings of "Simple Minded". This release is a pure cult classic and vintage Foxman. To top it all off, physical copies of this Cd do include a hidden 14th track, titled "Won't Be Home Again", which is about infidelity and honesty. If you consider yourself to be an open minded person with a passion for the rebellion known as Independent Music, then this release is a MUST OWN !! After just a few listens, it will be one of your favorites of all time.

Are you in the mood for something different, fun and a bit freaky? Do you consider yourself to be an open minded individual with a passion for the rebellion known as Independent Music? If so, then this is where you need to be. The Foxman is a groundbreaking songwriter who has taken creativity to an entirely new level. "Folklore & Superstitions" (2013, 15 songs) is the 4th album release by the Foxman and a must own for fans of all ages and all musical genres. The underlining concept beneath everything the Foxman does can be summed up by one simple old adage .... 'God, the devil and the conscience in between'. "Folklore & Superstitions" is a meandering venture down the crossroads of life which will ultimately play upon your imagination and tug at your soul. Haunting, funny, inspiring, thought provoking, unique and utterly unforgettable. Throw your inhibitions aside and hold on tight, you are about to take a stroll down the crossroads of life. This 4th release has not been made as readily available as the previous 3, so you will have to do a little leg work (think of it like a treasure hunt). There is however, a Cd sampler for the new release in the video section which contains 30-40 second sound clips of all 15 songs, or you can visit my home website at www.foxmanmusic.com (There is a "Folklore & Superstitions" page). There is also a video for "The Freaks Waltz", which is the first single from the new Cd. This tune is an instrumental and is guaranteed to take you back in time. I think that it has a Godfather vibe, others have mentioned James Bond and even Dexter. The storyline for the video is up to personal interpretation. Also make sure to check out the video for "Sweet Adelaide" (a chilling venture into the realm of immortality and painful loss) and "Same Old Troubles" (lucky voodoo song). All 4 tunes are on the new release ..... I told you it is a classic

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