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Rocker-Daddy Tazz / Bio

I just know someone could use my stuff to make fun of!!
I just don't have a credit card nor do I want one to get any Payment from!!
To be honest I don't think my stuff sells, and anything I did make would likely get donated to Our Veterans some how!!
I just like to make noise, and all my stuff is just a one shot deal cause I just make it up as I go and rarely write it down!!
If anyone out there would like to help out with putting a CD or show together using my music as a way to help Veterans, lets get together and do it!!
Bruce Webb CD
Rocker-Daddy Tazz
The first time I picked up a guitar and tried to play was September 2005. Up to then I never had the time, or the ability to learn. After meeting my young friends "Jove", I was inspired to learn. With their help and encouragement, and some how putting up with me, and the horrific sounds that come from my playing. I can now play not only the guitar but the piano and Madalyn as well. I do not play well yet, but I can put words to music and music to words. Play For You started out as homework less than 6 months after starting, Only knowing basic cords, I was asked to put some of them together, I did, next week I was asked to write some words and drop them by. At the time I was contacting the local AF Base, letting them know that Jove would like to put on a show for them, as a gift for who they are and what they do. So the words came easy, and after hearing the out come!! I have not stopped. I have pages of music and pages and pages of songs. I just don't have the talent, to play and sing at the same time. I am much to old to be an Idol, and to busted up to tour. My first loyalty is to my friends in "JOVE", but would love to hear from you. If you have music, send it to me. Tell me what you were thinking about when you wrote the chorus, I'll write some words and send them back. My family and I are getting by on my disability pension, but if a Fella can make an extra buck or two doing something like this why not. TTFN Bruce

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Bruce Webb
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Rocker-Daddy Tazz
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Singer Songwriter / Alt.Country

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Comox, BC, CA

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