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COLOR THE SOUND is a refreshing blend of electronic music, live instruments, and visionary artistry. Before reaching a public audience, they found recognition from industry veterans like Eddy Schreyer (A Perfect Circle, Korn), Rob Hoffman (Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera), and Bill Pearson (Grammy winning composer). It began in the mind of Jesse Zenitram when he extensively explored altered states of consciousness, philosophy, theology, meditation, fasting, lucid dreaming, and astral travel. He discovered a deeper awareness of reality and bore witness to phenomena that forced him to reconsider everything he believed impossible. If life is a mystery that cannot be solved, CTS is living proof. After returning to his senses, he realized his goal: to encourage love and transcendence through synesthesia.

He locked himself in his home studio for an entire year and isolated from all outside trends. He learned many different instruments, studied sacred geometry, the physics of sound, and the art of capturing it. He worked tirelessly to develop the engineering and production techniques needed to realize his dream. The manifestation of his sacrifice surfaced in the form of a few online demos with astonishing response from industry professionals. Rob Hoffman immediately offered to mix the demos, saying: “I’d love to mix this. The music is very cool!” and Bill Pearson, “I enjoyed feeling like I was listening to music, not regurgitated junk.” The acclaim compelled Jesse to take the music beyond the studio.

Determined to carve a true niche; explore something no one had tapped into, he began searching. He repeatedly heard the name Zack Kampf. Dubbed Sacramento’s hardest working drummer, he was an instructor at the prestigious Drum Lab, possessed a masters degree in social work with a clinical background in depth psychology and mythology, and had been developing unique theories on music education and neurobiology. Realizing he was possessed the traits that could develop CTS further , Jesse arranged a meeting and they convened with their dedication to breaking down barriers using music, art, philosophy, philanthropy, psychology, spirituality, and science.

Their vision of uniting people on multiple levels of existence solidified the manifesto of COLOR THE SOUND. They began crafting an immersive live experience that would take the audience deep into empathy and close the gap between artist and observer. Using lighting, digital and live musicianship, and seamlessly combining rock, electronic, folk, and world music with deeply personal emotional narratives, CTS turns pop music into a catalyst for transcendence.

The debut album Affection : Affliction is a concept album that aspires to greatness. The album depicts an intimate relationship from beginning to end, detailing every nuance. The one true love that humanity longs for, and the devastating fall from grace. Each song represents a chapter, flipping back and forth between reality and dream, gradually revealing a journey through love. With undeniable hooks and unexpected changes at every bend, the album reveals a visionary masterpiece that has no comparison. The pre-release has already received recognition from music publishers and industry professionals. Mastered by the legendary Eddy Schreyer, he passionately stated: “Nobody has ever done this before. This is so fucking good!”

In less than a year, COLOR THE SOUND was awarded The Best Progressive Electronic Artist in Sacramento by The Artery Foundation and Ground (ctrl) and a regular favorite of DJs on 98 Rock. Together they’ve shared the stage with Awolnation, Capital Cities, Middle Class Rut, Jonny Craig, Oleander, Kottonmouth Kings, We The Kings, Molly Hatchet, and members of Cake, Papa Roach, Blackalicious, Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, and Sly and the Family Stone. They’ve performed on the ABC, NBC, CW, and played to packed crowds at Memorial Auditorium, Ace of Spades, and The Boardwalk.

What’s next?

Open your ears : Heart will follow

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Band Members
Jesse Zenitram & Zack Kampf
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Home Page
Alternative / Rock / EDM

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Sacramento, CA

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