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I want to be hands and bones and long hair flow a heart that loves and eyes that know a mind that breathes a soul that needs flesh that grows a heart that bleeds I want to be, I want to see twisted thoughts straightened out reasons squared circle around brittle stilts crumble down shackled visions all set free I want to see, I want to hear no more fear safety nets what money gets disappears one final song to sing along the hum of one sounding clear I want to hear, to feel is all to think is doubt feel whispered thoughts to shouts to feel is to know one place to go to know is to feel that place is real, I want to go through darkest night a shaded flight to sun so bright past rigged frames and useless flames past clever games where boredom reigns where love winds blow I want to go, I want to taste soft lower lip a heaving chest a passion grip grinding hips a moaning sigh wrapped in thighs budding truth the sweetest fruit I want to taste, I want to give unlike before throw open wide the bolted door dig up every foxes den expose the crutches shared by friends melt the gold that serpents spend collapse the gates that help defend the man who knows not how to live I want to give

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Stony Point, NY