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The "Cream" were undeniably the first rock "supergroup". Although they were together for less than 3 years, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton left a gigantic impression on the world of rock music.

Ginger's son Kofi and Jack's son Malcolm team up with Will Johns, son of legendary record producer/engineer Andy Johns, to pay tribute to the world's greatest power trio.

Kofi and Malcolm capture the mood and energy of their fathers, adding their own distinctive styles. Malcolm plays strong and innovative bass-lines complimenting Kofi's complex polyrhythms, learned from his father. Will taught himself guitar when he was 15 and was encouraged by his uncle, Eric Clapton.


As the son of Cream's legendary drumming icon Ginger Baker, Kofi Baker has a name that’s synonymous with drumming excellence. And Kofi strongly lives up to his name. With his outstanding skills, drive and dedication, he continues the great "Baker" legacy.

Kofi's first performance was with his father on "The Old Grey Whistle Test"....at just six years of age, he proved that he had inherited more than just his father’s name.

In the early 80's, Kofi and his father performed drum duets throughout Europe, amazing audiences with their complex percussion rhythms. Kofi also toured with John Etheridge (Soft Machine) Steve Marriott (Humble Pie).

During the 1990's Kofi toured with Jack Bruce. He also signed with Scotty Brothers record label and recorded the album 'Lost City'. Kofi recorded 'Abstract Logic' with Jonas Hellborg and Shawn Lane and toured extensively, including more drum duets with Ginger Baker.

After seeing his father play in the Cream reunion of 2005, Kofi was inspired to continue where Cream and his father had left off.


Malcolm is a composer and multi instrumentalist, playing guitar, bass, piano and voice.

From the beginning of his life, Malcolm was immersed in music. As a teenager he attended the Guildhall School of Music to study composition and has been performing professionally since the age of 16.

He has worked with a multitude of musicians including, Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) for his record 'Ward 1' playing piano and guitar on tracks featuring Ozzy Osbourne; Dick Heckstall-Smith; Brand X; Little Richard, and a host of others.

Malcolm has performed with his father on and off over the years, and has appeared on several of Jack's CDs, most recently 'Shadows in the Air' (2001) and 'More Jack than God' (2003) both recorded in NYC. (featuring performances by Eric Clapton, Dr. John, & Horacio Hernandez).

Recent live work includes touring with Leslie West and Corky Laing of Mountain, as part of West, Bruce Jr. and Laing...a 60 date tour as support for Joe Satriani across Europe & North America as part of Ned Evett's Triple Double, and a special Jimi Hendrix Birthday tribute at BB Kings Blues club in New York City with Eric Schenkman (Spin Doctors) and Corky Laing.

As well as touring with Sons of Cream over the last year and a half, Malcolm recently completed a 10 date UK tour supporting Andy Fraser (Free), playing an acoustic set. He is currently finishing a solo record and also writing an opera based on the life of blues artist Emanuel Dunn.


Will was born in London, 1973 to actress/model Paula Boyd, sister of Pattie, and Record Producer/Engineer Andy Johns (Rolling Stones, Free, Led Zeppelin). He taught himself to play the guitar at 15 and was encouraged by his Uncle Eric Clapton. Another passion shared between Eric and Will was a love of fishing and many hours were spent at the waters edge.

Whilst studying Performing Arts in Oxford, Will formed his first band Cloud 9. He has gone on to perform worldwide with many musicians including Ronnie Wood, Bill Wyman and Jack Bruce. He formed 'Glyda' with his long time friend, Jesse Wood (son of Ronnie). The band had success, releasing one album and three EP's, and toured the US, Ireland, France, Germany, and UK.

In 2009 Will released his first album ‘Count on Me’ and in 2012 ‘Hooks & Lines’. Both albums¬ contained tracks nominated in the British Blues Awards in 2011 & 2012.

Like Kofi and Malcolm, Will has music (specifically the blues) deep in his veins and this is why all three are able to interpret and continue the legacy of their fathers and do them proud.

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