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Ravensword. / Bio

Blood, Sweat and Revolution!

Ravenswords origin story is a seemingly simple tale but, deep down it is fraught with luck, disaster, loss, death and laughter! A stroke of sweet destiny guided these pillars of rock and roll into a loud, dark, haze filled basement, where the first words of the raven came pouring down. Electricity filled the room, the taste of fire hung in the air. The scented fuel of rock and roll swelled, over powering all the senses. Each of them knew, if they tried to resist, tried to turn away, this power would consume them all. As if guided by the hand of some errant demon eager to escape the flames, Ryan Hommy chugged out the first riff. A hard hitting anthem, intent on harrowing your very soul. In perfect synchronicity Kyle Hill rendered intense perfection, doubling the riff into a whirlwind of sound wildly out of control. Jonny Manuevers (bass player at the time, forever loved and missed) came in, filling the bottom end, crushing it down and surging forward. Ryan Clarkson, in a fevered rage pushed out a beat which nearly brought them all to their knees! The pain, the anger, the frustrated and tortured minds all vying for a right to live and be heard. Coming together to form a sound without definition. A sound so twisted in style and expression, no word in any human language could describe. Perched above them, observing the scene and soaking in the raging torrent of power and energy was Matt Misenas. Grinning at some esoteric thought trapped within his own mind, the others felt a contradictory chill run through their veins. Then, as if wielding a monstrous battleaxe rather than a microphone, Matt jumped off of a 6 foot tall amplifier crashing down with a thunderous roar. Screaming out the phrase which will define that fateful night forever, the phrase "Watch Me Burn"

The first song was born. Ushered into this world by these sorrowful lost souls, ever searching for purpose and meaning through the art of music. Now carrying onward with undying determination and a single unified design. Bringing the message of the future to the masses, singing the word of the raven. Sharp as a sword and just as cold they cut through all notions of rule or regulation. Spreading the word of revolution, and fueling the fires of retribution. Like a blood soaked feather plucked from the heart of the world, they write the unwavering truth with raw, uninhibited power in sound to deliver us all to salvation.

"Change is upon us, war is on the wind. Whether you hear the ravens word, or you taste the edge of his sword, fear not my followers for it will save you. Seek the truth hidden within the lies, and you will find him there. Stop for a moment, and lift the veil from your eyes. Unbind yourselves from distraction and open your minds to these rotten days, and you will find him there. Be vigilant. Be strong. Most importantly, remain steady. When they day comes, when we hear the ravens cry, we must each one of us be ready. The right is yours, the answer is there. Search for him now, find the Raven, and you too can be saved. Heed the words, and watch the skys. The shadows are growing, soon the world will fall quit. Dark with ash, and no where to turn. All that will die, or living unheard, an echoing Raven, the sword is his word."

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Matt Misenas, Ryan Hommy, Kyle Hill, Ryan Clarkson
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Alternative / Punk / Grunge

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Edmonton, AB, CA