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T.H.C / Bio

Travis Hall started playing Drums at 11 years of age, but that doesn't necessarily define him. He turned to guitar at 15 to avoid, as he calls it "bad songwriting". "I was just starting to get tired of the bad metal, or bad punk songs that involved just bar chords and no originality. I took music very seriously even back then." (laughs) He continued his assualt on the skins for 10 years from 17 to 27 primarily with the band 13th Borne. With this metal outfit, he played in CBGB's and even opened for Lynard Sjynard in his hometown od Columbus, Ohio at the now defunct Germain Ampitheater. "I learned a lot during that time, not just road survival, but what was getting the reactions of the fans. What songs were hot, and the ones that were not. I learned about booking and the importance of a good bill, and most of all how to manage personalities. I wasn't very good at that." Which ultimately lead Travis to start singing his own songs. "I came to this point where I just was done with the whole all for one and one for all attitude of a band. I wanted to go my own way and answer to no one but my creative direction. That's pretty selfish, but we all have choices to make." Turns out Travis was writing all of 13th Borne songs anyway. But don't let Travis hear you say that. "I did not write ALL the songs. There was a period where it was a collaberative effort. We all chipped in with cool ideas." Talking with people close to the band say that Travis was the main writing force behind the bands material. But there is a question that is still remains to be answwered. If 13th Borne was metal, then is that the kind of music that Travis would be doing as a solo act? I ask Travis this. "No. Metal was cool, I still listen to Bands like Meshuggah, Gojira, and Periphery, but I was done with all the 16th notes and all the time changes. I wanted to write more effective emotional music, not shit like Dashboard Confessionals or that genere, but more like Muse, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree. Music that is more soundscapey and trippy. But between you and me, if I could write like [Claudio Sanchez] Coheed, I would be the happiest man in the world." One thing that no one seems to see coming, his voice. I ask why he didn't sing more in 13th Borne. "I just simply didn't think I could sing and didn't work on my voice. I thought, 'I'm a drummer...I want my drumming to be my voice. You know, thinking I'm the next Danney Carey or Gavin Harrison.' (Laughs) Songs like Queen Elizabeth, and Avalon showcase not only his raw power for singing, but exactly what he had in mind for his solo career, and it is obvious that his direction is one that will please many fans of his, both old and new.

-Philip Donovan
Writer, Columbus Music Magazine

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