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Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Steven Brian. I'm a singer/songwriter currently residing in Huntsville, AL.

I'm originally from the small town of Fayetteville, TN (about an hour and a half south of Nashville). I started playing and writing when I was about sixteen with my first band Good Day 81. We were a punk band and I wrote "punk" songs, doing my best to sound like MxPx, Greenday, and any other pop punk band you can think of. We played a few local shows, but ultimately broke up when my buddies and I graduated high school. We sucked, but always had a good time.

From there I went to college in Florida, doing the singer songwriter thing at open mics and scoring a few local shows when I could. I started branching out of the whole punk rock thing and began trying to find my own style as a songwriter. A few friends of mine and myself got together and recorded my first ever demo under the band name Vinyl. Again, not very good but, I was starting to come into my own.

I ended up moving back to TN where I reunited with my old band. We reinvented ourselves as HiFi Railway. We transitioned from punk rock to more of acoustic driven alternative pop, and found some localized success. Playing at Nashville staples like Hair of the Dog (R.I.P), the Runway, and BB King's Blues bar we found ourselves gaining some momentum. But, as good of a time as it was, out time to rock together had once again come to an end. Our drummer joined the Army (he's in Iraq as I'm writing this) and I joined the Coast Guard.

During my first year in I was stationed in Petaluma, CA where my solo career was born. I had really come into my own as a song writer as was gigging regularly at some awesome bars and venues like the Black Cat, SoHo's, and the Sebastopol Brewing Company. I had a small but loyal fanbase keeping me going, so I headed into the studio (Studio Paradiso in San Francisco) to record my first full-length album, "Headlights".

After my time in CA, I was transferred to Alaska for a year where I worked hard at improving my craft, and the result was a collection of home recordings that have become known as the "Attu Demos".

From AK, I was transferred to Baltimore, where I am now. Working on getting the ball rolling again, I'm still at it as hard as ever.
So come out to a show, bring some friends and show some love.
See ya around!
Nice to meet you, by the way.

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