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Talent + Exposure = Success
Funkalabel is a super-service, geared up to bring attention to the most talented musicians and artists out there – that means you. Here’s the lowdown on what we’re about:

The Bassline

We offer the best that any talented musician could dream of – mega-star exposure online, for ordinary Joe fees.

When you have a smoking hot catalogue of music, but need the word to spread, what counts most is a super-sized, visible fanbase. We’re talking serious numbers of people, all of whom love what you do and want to share it with other people.

That is where we come in. We can guarantee you up to one million Likes on Facebook, or Views on YouTube, or Followers on Twitter… not to mention Instagram. We hook you and your music into our vast network of people, which includes ANRs, MI Grads, Full Sail Grads, Berkley Grads and former music industry stars turned critiques. Then we watch as the snowballs rolls and rolls, until you are enjoying an avalanche of popularity. Are you ready for that?

The Beat

Funkalabel offers the dream package. We know that the best way to achieve success in the music industry is through talent and exposure. You already have the talent. We have come up with the best recipe for that crucial online exposure with our great services and packages which include:

From 5,000 Facebook Likes for $89.97 to 1,000,000 Facebook Likes for $3,199.97

From 10,000 YouTube Views for $39.97 to 1,000,000 YouTube Views $799.97

From 10,000 Twitter Followers for $59.99 to 1,000,000 Twitter Followers for $1,119.97

From 10K Instagram Followers for $39.97 to 75k Instagram Followers for $239.97

Better still, our special packages combine social media exposure so that you are all over the internet, in one simple step. For example, purchase 10,000 Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans and YouTube Views as a package from just $199.97, or opt for the largest packages offering 100,000 Followers, Fans and Views.

Best of all - we offer up to an amazing 50% discount!

The Killer Riff

Creating an outstanding online presence can mean the difference between being known and being no one, musically speaking. Social media has not just helped some of today’s biggest stars, it has defined them and given them a super-loyal fanbase that keeps them selling in the multi-millions. Whatever you personally think about Justin Bieber, no one can deny his amazing fanbase. Remember how it all started out, before the megabucks and limos? One simple YouTube video. And then the word spread. We say, if he can do it…

At Funkalabel we can advise, guide and deliver everything you need to set you on the road to success. Want to be blogged about? Just ask. Need guidance setting up a website and getting paid for ad clicks? We can show you the way. Ready for social media popularity that can lead to stardom online and offline? Get in touch and we will do the rest:


Your time is now.


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