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Forgery / Bio

All Wine Country Locals, Forgery consists of Don Muhammed, CJ Wick, Luis Portilla and Christoper Erickson. They will play anywhere, anytime, and will CRUSH the competition or, at least, make them buy us cupcakes (We're sore losers)
The band started when Christopher Erickson (Lead Vocals & Guitar{Rhythm}) was canvasing co-workers in a Napa Valley Fine Dining Restaurant to find someone to jam with, because he was lonely. Luis Portilla (Drummer) finally agreed to jam with him, just to get him to shut up (there may or may not have been money involved-don't ask).
Realizing they needed some "street cred", they recruited Danasabe "Don" Muhammed aka Papa Midnight (Bass Aficionado and Professional MMA Fighter) and started breaking off pieces of Rock deliciousness.
Unfortunately, they realized that, although Erickson was a Vocal Genius, he was a rhythm guitarist at best, and at worst, a musical liability!
Fortunately, CJ Wick shared a mutual love of Music, Mayhem, and Constructive Yelp Reviews. After repeated harassment, he agreed to join the band as long as Erickson quit sleeping on his lawn.
Portilla, as a walking Music Encyclopedia, (also as the man who put "Latin" and "Lover" in "Latin Lover") is proficient on many instruments, but kills it as a drummer. He loves to smash his skins in between tweeting his latest Sexual Conquests and sexting his favorite 21yr-35yr-old harem. Seriously tho. He's sexy.
Muhammed approaches the bass as a Professional MMA Fighter (True!) would, beating the ever-loving shi....uh...let's just say he plays his instrument with killer reflexes, and his grooves reflect the passion that makes his blood ignite. Also, he can kick your ass. For Realz.
Wick has serious tour experience, but still remains remarkably calm about his Shredability. His Gretch has been known to scream, weep, and curse. In fact, he's been warned about it. His searing licks can surge to the front or lurking just behind the verses, like a shark almost breaking the surface into swells. Like a motha-f**ckin SHARK!
Bastard can sing too! He brings his melodious voice to bear on the most powerful choruses and bridges, causing the Lead Vocalists to constantly worry about his job security.
Erickson (no stranger to hard hitting rock bands, large stages, and Muppet Orgies) leads by the short hairs. A desperate wretch seeking constant attention, he is in his element on stage. His voice has been infamous for being able to roar like a rabid beast, emphatically croon like a dying mans last warning, and soar like a drunk parakeet. His guitar provides a chugging backdrop or fluid upstroke to anchor the basic rhythm and BPM when the band flies into an orgasmic free-for-all. He's been sining in Rock bands since Kurt Cobain was murdered (Look it up Doubter!) and before Korn was anything but the worst vegetable to have nasally inserted. So, he better be good by now, or what is the point? He's OLD!
The band is only just now breaking into it's stride and, in the new year, with a little luck, they won't give up on their dreams and dive into a canister of barbiturates with a handle of Jameson. Their future tour destinations include North Korea, Northern Nigeria, and Tehrans biggest stadiums! Yee-Haw!!!

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Luis Portilla, Danasabe Mohammed, C.J. Wick, Chris Erickson
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Rock / Alternative / Swank

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Napa, CA