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Wake Up is the first single from Dangermaker’s new full-length, Black Dream. With its deep guitar tones and soaring melodies, this dark and audacious cut offers a perfect taste of the aforementioned collection. During the first week of tracking Black Dream, Dangermaker’s lead singer Adam Burnett’s father suffered a fatal accident and suddenly passed away. Staring, for the first time, directly into the face of mortality, Burnett, though devastated, was hit hard with a dose of reality. In the months that followed, driven by the urgency of a newfound appreciation for life, Adam and Dangermaker plunged into their art, eventually emerging stronger and with a collection. In the end, the unifying experience of loss led to an increased depth of creative character that defines their brilliant new release. Channeling 70′s Bowie, The Clash, The Stooges, and Interpol, this core of passionate musicians has crafted a provocative debut album, which has led to recent showcases at SXSW and CMJ, propelling the band forward into 2014.

“Black Dream fits in nicely with anyone’s collection, the melodies and instrumentation sometimes remind you of the feel of 60′s pop. This is not a retro group, however, by any means. A modern rock foundation with pop sensibilities. The instrumentation is intriguing. It pulls you in and keeps you listening. There is a cohesive sound, yet the sound is not redundant. This is an album I can listen to from start to finish without skipping a track. My only complaint is that it ended too soon…” Power Population

“A young indie rock band who take classic rock stylings and bring them into the new millennium – that’s Dangermaker. Lots of energy, cool, dark, angular melodies is their forte…” David Bash, IPO San Francisco

“This is a real rock and roll album, like in the movies.” Uncle Farkus

“A cross of Mick Jagger and David Bowie might make one scary looking dude, but his voice would sure intrigue. This SF act does a dead-on imitation of that unholy mash-up, then supports ‘him’ with juicy sleaze-rock guitars, a la another wildly skilled wildman: Keith Richards.” CNET/download.com

“I’d rate Dangermaker as one of my top 5 favorite indie bands in the Bay Area. The magic behind Dangermaker’s music is the accessibility in the sound, the listener gets the melody with the first listen…” Eugenia Loli-Queru, The Owl Mag

“San Francisco’s Dangermaker play slick, haunting guitar rock that goes perfectly with a shot of whiskey and an absence of light. Don’t bother listening to this band first thing in the morning as you enjoy a bran muffin with your skim latte. This is not a breakfast band. I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure Dangermaker are creatures of the night – which works for me because I am definitely not a morning person.” Ethan Kanat, Tough Customer Records

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Band Members
Adam, Carlos, Dave, Neko
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Alternative / Indie / Pop

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San Francisco, CA

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