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Hobo Jack is now in Napa California again. And a very unique band. Its one man that writes all of the music and lyrics and records them in his private studio. He plays, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, Piano, Harmonic, Conga and does Vocals. He has guest appearance of other singers that sing some of his songs. Hobo Jack is a Singer Song Writer. After writing and recording his songs, he will either sing them himself or have a guest singer record them on the album. The singer just shows up and listens to the song for about 30 minutes to get the melody and the grove down and then records the vocal tracks.

This is unique, because every song will have a different singer, yet the same style that Hobo Jack wants as he wrote the songs. Sometimes he will just meet a cool cat off the streets and if that person can sing, they are invited to the studio to record a song or two. Of course Hobo Jack sings a few of the songs on this webpage like, "Lucy Blackman, Full Moon Suicidal, and Prison life". You will know when you hear his voice. He sings with compassion and feelings. That is what makes him unique. Not going for the perfect pitch but going with feeling and soul.

When playing live, Hobo Jack usually has one singer that will sing all of the songs. Hobo Jack always has another guitarist and bassist on stage when doing live gigs. And of course a Conga player for the back beat. Before doing this acoustic rock style band, Hobo Jack was in the spot light playing his guitar doing 70's style rock n roll with a full band. At this time, Hobo Jack is trying a new sound doing acoustic rock with a twist of lemon.

This is a new project that Hobo Jack has been working on for the last 10 years. He has been writing all the songs, knowing one day he would do an acoustic rock album in the Lo-Fi rock mode.

Hobo Jack never uses more than 8 tracks when recording. He likes to keep it simple and to the point. The one thing Hobo hates the most is overdubs and heavy mix downs. He wants his songs on the web to sound the same when preforming live.

Some songs are recorded from a digital hand held recorder. You might hear the demo of the song before its done and then, hear the song complete with all the instruments on it. Its interesting to hear a demo of the song just on the guitar or piano and then, the complete cut. You will get to hear out takes of songs that have never been heard before. The photos are real, thats Hobo Jack himself outside of the train.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Hobo Jack. On behalf of Hobo Jack and the management, we hope you have learned a little more about your favorite acoustic Blues Punk Rock, Reggae Disco Band! Feel free to let your local radio station know about Hobo Jack. And if you can sing, you just might be on the next song of Hobo Jacks.

Hobo jacks true love is 70's Rock n Roll that hits you in your face. More information to come soon about Hobo Jack I want to keep my true name unknown as I am working hard on this project. Only five people know who I really am. And Yes, these are actual photos of me. So I guess you can try to find out who Hobo Jack Really is and what band he is from. thanks for having a laugh with me and I hope you enjoy my music that is written from the heart and always seeking out singers and other guitarist for this project.

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One man, many guitars and many singers!
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Walter Hill

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