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2010. Summer. Two strangers. A series of astonishing random circumstances. New Rock City is born. Not planned, unexpected, the real definition of spontaneity in action. Synchronicity. Fate.

Rossano left home for the summer to embark on an adventure, to experience an unknown land and write about it for a prestigious Rock n Roll magazine. Destination: New Rock City… Her plan was to explore life and music there and to return home at summer's end to continue with her solo project. She was captivated, didn't expect it. She knew she had to leave, but didn't know everything would change just a couple of days before leaving the city.

Kick left home some years before to embark on an adventure, driven by a thirst to discover a new land, to breathe pure Rock n Roll air. Destination: New Rock City… His plan was to get inspired, find his voice and ultimately compose songs for a solo project which was on the works. He didn't know everything would change a day of summer that year.

Two different points in the map. Same day. Rossano heads to Lost Beach. Kick heads to Lost Beach. Never seen each other, never spoken a word between them. Both heading to the same concert, an artist they were eager to see. Alone, by themselves, each one of them having only the beach, music and 15,000 strangers to sing with. And then, time to leave. Taxicab. Bammmm!! Fate's lightning at work. Rossano jumps in a cab, waits a moment, rolls a cigarette, argues with the driver to leave. Too many people, not enough cabs…has to share it. Kick jumps in. "Hi, my name is Kick". "Hi, I'm Rossano". New Rock City is born.

They met throughout the next days. Out of nowhere, inspiration came. Not planned. Guitars and conversation. First tune arrived. Both, astonished and liking the nature of the creative process so much, decided to give in to this flow of inspiration. Songs came by themselves, like they were just waiting for them to get together. Rossano saw the future. Kick saw the future. Rossano stayed for good.

Rossano and Kick felt they had to take their adventure to the next level. To share their story through a record. The adventure that is called New Rock City. The story is there, in the songs. This is the story of two souls from different places, different backgrounds, meeting in a faraway land, driven by their hearts, in search for a dream, in search for the same everlasting ideals, in search for Rock, Love & Freedom

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Kick (Lead Guitars/Vocals/Drums/Bass/Keys), Rossano (Rhythm Guitars/Lead Vocals/Keys/Percussion/Harmonica)
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New York, NY

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