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RHYTHM&FLOW ENTERTAINMENT Production Company where music, video, sound, and photography come together for your specific needs.

RHYTHM & FLOW STUDIOS is a proud leader in the heart of the music world - New York City - with exceptional clientele and production services for independent artists.

We know the forever-changing music industry and how demos are tossed in the trash each and everyday. Your music is worth every dollar, time, and talent you invest into it which means your work is expected to be commercially feasible and distributed. We know you are looking to make a great investment in your career and a high quality production is a must.

Whether you are choosing to release a single, make an EP or put out a full-length record, we can guide you through the process and make your final product something that grabs people’s attention, is commercially competitive, and above all, gives out your flavor, style, and sound.

Our production philosophy works under the premise that each project is presented with its own uniqueness and requires a fresh approach. We cultivate and identify what your sound is and make your music truly come to life. Our chief engineer, producer, DJ and owner, Chase Michael Pallante will bring out the very best in your music and help you realize its full potential.

With the constant demands for fresh content from music listeners around the world, we understand artists are pressed with time and financial challenges. Our solution is a fast, professional, and affordable recording option that allows you to quickly capture new material and deliver it to your fans.

RHYTHM & FLOW STUDIOS is available for studio sessions, pre and post production, listening sessions, and studio bookings. Give us a call at 718.864.2012 or email us at RFS@RFEntertainmentNYC.com for further information and assistance.

With over 10 years of experience we provide the best entertainment possible with DJs, emcees, and dancers that keep your wedding, birthday, corporate event, sweet 16, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, holiday and school party, prom, lounge/nightclub, outdoor event, carnival, and anything in between, alive and pumping to the beat of the music. Our reputation will far succeed your expectations and our professional and dedicated team will guarantee to captivate and motivate any audience!

Dates go by fast so make sure you book us today for your party!

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