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The measure of an artist lies in their value of integrity over conformity. In an industry saturated with followers, there’s an elite group of emerging artists crafting their own unique sound. These artists are creating a legacy that will sustain far beyond the disposable “song and dance” era. Brentley stands at the forefront of this new generation. The 26 year old vocalist and songwriter was born in Dallas, Texas and knew from a young age that singing was his true calling. When his family moved to Chicago, Illinois he really began honing his talent by performing wherever there was a microphone and an audience.With every performance his passion for music grew deeper and his focus shifted from being more than just a local star. Brentley was ready for the next step, a debut album. A chance meeting in 2007 would be the beginning of his transformation into a bonafide recording artist. Brentley met singer, producer extraordinaire Anthony “Tonye” Newsome through college friends and the two connected through their mutual love of music. Their bond led to the creation of his experimental debut album “Brentley 101″. Released on August 2007 through Newsome’s Bout Dat Entertainment label, Brentley describes the album as experimental because he was a novice to the recording process and still discovering himself as an artist. “Brentley 101″ may have been his introduction but it by no means represented Brentley’s entire repertoire. For his sophomore album, the vocalist adopted a more aggressive approach towards his career. “On my first album, a lot of myself was missing.” he says adamantly. “For the second album I wanted more control of my artistry and the lyrical content.” The aptly titled “Handwritten” was released in 2008 and Brentley describes the album as a breakthrough. “I really started to realize that I could write music and that I wasn’t handicapped. I finally find my voice.” The lead single from the collection was the bass heavy anthem “Southern Boi”. He refers to it as a novelty record but the song holds a more personal meaning. The song and music video was dedicated to the memory of his brother who was tragically killed prior to album release. The lyrics praise Brentley’s Texas roots and his brother was the epitome of a Southern Boi. Another standout is the emotional ballad “When Love Comes Back”, written and produced by Big L. (Shawna, Gettin Some Head). It’s a track Brentley says he will always love to perform because it captures the essence of having love and then learning to let it fly. Recording “Handwritten” Brentley also discovered more about the industry. “I learned it’s so much more than just working in the studio. There’s a lot of factors involved ranging from budgets to personal teams to labels. There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes.” Brentley’s passion for success was the defining factor that pushed him to record two solo albums and that same initiative led him to his next big career move. Along with his musical partner Newsome, he moved from Chicago to New York with hopes to further establish himself in the industry. Around this time, he also linked up with a talent agency who booked him for shows in Asia. While there he performed several shows a night in front of packed audiences who were captivated by his charming personality and electrifying stage presence. However, the strenuous schedule proved to be disastrous for Brentley’s voice and he was forced to begin vocal rest and return to the States. At that point, he educated himself on taking better care of his voice and his health. Months of not singing or performing was difficult and for a brief moment he put his dream on hold. It wasn’t until a duo of German producers sent some original tracks that he reassured himself a musical career was his destiny. One of tracks really spoke to him and he began writing what would become the theme song for the next phase of the Brentley movement. The evocative “Be Your Music” is an R&B infused Pop masterpiece that personifies his musical mission statement. With the personal lyrics like “Be your music, be my world”, Brentley is speaking directly to his audience. He wants the world to take this journey with him. He wants people to “feel his music” and use it as the perfect remedy to life’s stressful situations. “Be Your Music” also coined the creation of a new genre that he refers to as “Cosmic Soul”. Cosmic meaning “of the universe” or “limitless” is complimented with soul meaning “a person’s emotional or moral nature”. Brentley’s music will cross all genres and ethnicities. The barriers will be broken and his artistry will affect people on a universal level. 2009 was an accomplished year for Brentley. In addition to receiving the R&B Album of the Year award from the Independent Music Awards he also signed with management firm, United Sound Music Group. The company help worh with him to brand the next phase of his movement. Complete with a new image, a new sound and a new outlook Brentley was poised to be a true force in 2010. Currently Brentley has joined back forces with long-time business partner Anthony Newsome & BAWN Media Group to bring it once again in 2013! The best chapter of his musical success story has just begun! A story Brentley feels is ready to be told. “I want to be everyone’s cosmic energy. I wanna die being the best Brentley I can be. An unforgettable original.”

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