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Toledo Kesch / Bio

Q: What does Toledo Kesch mean? Why did these brilliant musical geniuses name their band Toledo Kesch?

Okay, it's a long and sordid story, but the short version is this:

We had been gigging under the moniker of "RUGBURN", only to discover that there was a national act called "The Rugburns" and what with copyright laws and all, it seemed like not so good an idea to keep using that name. What to do, what to do... I know! Let's drink some beer and try and come up with a name! Ohyeahyoubetcha... Many names were proposed only to be discarded, such as, "Big Knob", "Big Double Wide", "Bald Jesus", and many more creative names that were generally loved by the band member that suggested it, but not by anyone else. Seriously, naming a band via democratic process is like herding cats... We labored over this process for a couple of weeks - to be honest we probably kept the process alive that long because it offered us the opportunity to consume more barley pops after rehearsals while sitting around like the Roman Senate debating the virtues, or lack thereof, exhibited by our profound - though slightly inebriated - musings. So anyway... we had this gig coming up, and the club owner was absolutely breaking our chops because he couldn't advertise the big event; and why was that..? Because THE BAND DIDN'T HAVE A NAME...! Well, with about two weeks to go before the the big wingding as we sat about after rehearsal there came an amazing level of clarity - necessity is the mother of invention - and as we ruminated and conjured lo and behold, someone had the Nickel Ads open. Because we were by that time desperate, we started taking turns closing our eyes and pointing to a spot in the paper in the hopes of blindly spotting something cool. Doesn't that just put a wonderful mental image in your head? We had just about given up (and exausted our supply of beverages) when ... oh, my god...A vision... Yes, AN EPIPHANY! There on opposing pages were Toledo's Lawn Service and Kesch's Landscaping... SYMMETRY! A NAME! What if, what if... well how about Toledo Kesch?

Everyone agreed (well, pretty much) that this was just about the coolest name ever. Besides, what with copyright laws and all, who in the world would choose that name, huh? That's right, nobody.

And that, my little Rosannrosannadannas, is how the name Toledo Kesch came to be. So there.

General Info

Band Members
Brian Crandall--Bass, John Elliott--Drums, Dan Jolley--Guitar, Billy Nichols--Hammond Organ and Keyboards.
Artist Name
Toledo Kesch
Home Page
Active Since
Rock / Blues Based Rock-n-Roll with Flavah

Contact Info

Hillsboro, OR

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