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Flying Davenports play unique eclectic folk pop using a vast array of instruments. It's led by couple Joy Truskowski and Richard Harvey. Singer-songwriter Joy has played solo gigs since she was 17. The group focuses largely on Joy's songs, most of which she hears in her dreams. They range from thoughtful and intense to fun and catchy. Fans have compared her voice and style to Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Ani Difranco. Richard also writes driving and beautiful gypsy-like instrumentals as well as poetic songs.

Joy plays acoustic guitar, flute, and melodica, and uses a loop station to layer creative harmonies, mouth percussion, and multiple instruments live. Richard Harvey plays tenor banjo, violin, and conjures up haunting moody atmospheres with an electric octave mandolin. While they often play out as a duo, they are also accompanied by Cat Conover and Doug Marion. Cat provides heavenly harmonies and adds rich textures with oboe, recorder, toy piano, glockenspiel, and percussion. Doug provides moving, full, steady beats with drums, djembe, doumbek, and other percussion.

The four friends were simply hanging out a lot and playing music, frequently on couches, and having a lot of fun doing it. They had each been playing in separate bands (Another Roadside Attraction, Watershed Conspiracy, and the Missionaries), but they decided it would be fun to become their own band. They have been playing out as a four-piece since May 2013. It's difficult to categorize them into any particular genre. Their personal tastes include jazz, classical, pop, electronic, gypsy, folk, and more. They worry less about fitting into a genre and simply play what they like. It seems to work! Fans are already mesmerized by their dynamic sound and touched by their colorful, thoughtful, moving, catchy, and fun original songs, as well as their diverse variety of cover songs ranging from well-known traditional classics to obscure treasures.

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Joy Truskowski, Richard Harvey, Cat Conover, Doug Marion
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Flying Davenports
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Roanoke, VA