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Stereo Empire / Bio

Building a band is like building an empire – it’s easier said than done. It takes the right people in the right places, working together with a common vision towards a common goal. Comprised of five passionate individuals who have spent years developing their skills in previous projects, STEREO EMPIRE is focused on creating a sound more unique and diverse than anything its members have done before. With an emphasis on writing memorable, melodic, and monumental songs, the band is building a sonic empire for the world to experience.

Formed in early 2013, STEREO EMPIRE has grown far beyond what its members could have ever imagined. Initially started as an acoustic project by Morgan Boeckel (lead vocals, guitar) and Rob Saag (lead guitar, vocals), the two soon realized the true potential of their songs could only be reached with the formation of a full band. An initial lineup was soon in place – featuring classically trained Ian Weber on keyboard, synth, and vocals – and the band emerged ready to unleash its unique sound on Louisville and the surrounding regions.

After some lineup changes, the band discovered a rock-solid rhythm section in Ian Schowalter (bass) and Tadd Thacker (drums), and moved forward even stronger than before. In January 2014, the band hit Louisville’s Deadbird Studio to record their debut release, THE MOVES (EP). This first studio effort is a true representation of STEREO EMPIRE’s abilities as a band, and of all the work they put in over the last year to create it. The EP consists of the band’s four favorite songs from their ever expanding catalog, and is slated for release this March. “Each song has been dramatically enhanced in one way or another,” says guitarist Rob Saag. “If you like our songs the way you know them now, you’ll be blown away by what we’ve done on this record.”

While the band couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming release, they know it is just one stepping stone in the much longer road ahead. “We wanted to do something different from what’s ‘in’ right now, but still connect to a growing audience,” says Morgan Boeckel, primary songwriter for the band. “Our goal is to get our music to as many people as we can by writing songs that everyone can relate to.” By fusing the infectiously catchy sounds of electronic pop with the grandiose swagger of arena rock, the band has set their sights on the top and shows no signs of stopping. And in a time when what was once unique is now the norm, and vintage now modern, STEREO EMPIRE avoids the pitfalls of succumbing to trends by remaining true to themselves and what they do best – giving fans the new experience they’ve been waiting for.

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Morgan, Rob, Ian S., Ian W., Tadd
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Stereo Empire
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Rock / Pop / Electronic

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Louisville, KY