John Jefferson Poss - EMIC / Bio

John Jefferson Poss is the creator of all
aspects of EMIC band , audio, video, and

The theme of the name and logo, has multi
entendre. In music performance, the emotions
and imaginations of the audience, are modulated,
or affected, by the emotions and imagination of
the performer. Contact is made, by means of
transmitted vibrations.

In radio, television, movies, and the Internet, all
forms of entertainment are modulated on to a
carrier signal, and transmitted to the audience,
from all over the world, where connection is made
through the modulation of their imaginations, and

An imagination carrier is also what all humans are,
some more than others. If their emotions and
imaginations are motivated or modulated enough,
they take action, by creating art, and appreciating art, which is a
reflection of what our Great Creator Created, life!

All the instruments in EMIC are performed by
John Jefferson Poss, including vocal cords, Lol.

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John Jefferson Poss
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John Jefferson Poss - EMIC
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Rock / Free Creative/Space / Spiritual/Human

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Houston, TX
John Jefferson Poss

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