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Reckyz Rose is a rapper/producer/ceo/founder/ director/manager from tooting (southwest London). Reckyz Rose has a real passion for music since he was 4 years old always watch music videos, collect hip hop magazines & listen to music on the radio. When he first moved to tooting (Rame Close, Church Lane) he was influence by the cultures of the hood which include gangs, drugs, money & crime. He began to live the hood lifestyle been involved with a lot of negative things which really send him down a dark path. In the estate of tooting people use to have mc battle to see who had the best lyrics. Much inspiration for the true love of music came from when friends would making music in home studios over instrumentals & beats which really help show Reckyz Rose the true essences of beats & bars. This was the visions he need to help him find his inner passion but at time he was too deep in the hood lifestyle nearly destroy his whole life due to near death experiences.
After all of the negative experiences & circumstances Reckyz Rose was having at home with his family he decided to move out of home at the age of 15 years old. For many years he lived a very depressing negative lifestyle which destroys his whole life for many years. It got to a point of no return and Reckyz Rose lose everything that was important in his life his ex-girlfriend of 4 years, his jobs, had no education he had nothing left. This was the turning point in his life and he started to write poetry to express the way he was feeling about everything he went through in his life. The poetry of words he was writing was become written songs and the lord gave Reckyz Rose the talent to write music. These revolutions of positivity of music change his life forever. Reckyz Rose began studying & researching about music, cultures, business & people. For 2 years Reckyz Rose stays at home writing music, studying music, producing music. Reckyz Rose learn so much about music that he was able to write music, produced music, sound engineer music because of the inner love and passion he truly has for music. Reckyz Rose also learns how to direct & edit videos due to making music videos for the songs he recorded. Music is his life and he always stated that it was because of music that I am able to find inner happiness, peace, and love in my life & music is my life. Reckyz Rose was really inspiration by his twin brother because it was the first time he ever saw someone close to him achieve success and happiness because his twin brother started his own business and become an icon in Tooting & International for his campaign on guns & knife called STOP. See his twin brother on TV, documentaries, interviews and winning awards for his work really shown Reckyz Rose that you can change a negative into positive & inspiration him to chase his dream in life to become a musician & entrepreneur.
Christopher Liam Rose is the Ceo & founder of Starz Gang Rockstarz (Music, Media, Entertainment Company) & Business Starz (Marketing & Promotions Company).
The people who had the most influences in Reckyz Rose Life
Mum, Dad, Family, God, Friends, Fans
Music Influences Of Reckyz Rose
Stack Bundles, Ryan Leslie, Lupe Fiasco, Michael Jackson, Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Nas, Common, Lloyd Banks
Reckyz Rose Quotes
“My Life Is Like A Story”
“Music Is My Life”
“Life Is What You Make It”

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Jan Conrad,Bigdigga,Engenhero42,Jenai Rawes, Ann Whitaker, Judit Conrad,Solaiman Marrakchi, Pqvimana
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Reckyz Rose (SGR)
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Christopher Rose

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