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After realizing that I've had a passion for music my entire life, from singing and rapping to dancing and eventually writing songs, I've come to the conclusion that I want to be able to endure in the complete process of expressing my talents and showing them to the world. When I first took interest into the music business, I thought the hottest thing to do was to be apart of a commercial label. I did tons of research about trying to find my big break; looking for many different auditions and searching for A&Rs and I knew it was the way to go. Continuing my hunt of a way into the commercial industry, I did research on artists and how it is from them to be apart of a label. I heard a lot about it being tough work and a stressful strenuous job, but everyone would always say that they loved what they do. What had finally pushed me away from wanting to be apart of the commercial industry, was the fact that I would have to sign a contract and devote my life to making music under someone else's rule and logic. This by far is against my own self.

When I was about 13 years old, I started working with a promotion company called, Team It's A Gas and did promotional work for many popular artists in exchange for free uncut music and cool t-shirts and swag. After getting into the street teaming with that company, years later I began contracting with Cornerstone Promotion and Street Syndicate, both companies based out of the east coast. With these companies combined, I have had the opportunities to promote many different artists like, Joss Stone, Pink, Daniel Beddingfield, Porcupine Tree, Comedy Central comedians like Dane Cook, and popular concerts like Sounds of the Underground, Warp Tour and BFD. After grasping a great since of guerrilla marketing and all the different ways to use this technique, I have since started a marketing company in the Bay Area called,The Najledge of Marketing, providing marketing services for many different artists, independent and commercial, as well as marketing services for businesses throughout the Bay. Around the same time I started the marketing company, I met yet another artsy individual by the name of Jeremy Marcell, who had an interest in fashion, modeling, and photography. Ever since I was a child, I have been into still photography, particularly nature shots, and have since developed what I call the, "Perfect Shot". With both of us having a large interest in photography, we decided to start a company called, J. Marcell and Naj Entertainment, providing photography services for striving models who are in need of portfolios, photo editing, and professional photo shoots. As a child in this new technological era, I was always watching entertainment television, indulging myself in music videos and pretty much anything having to do with the music industry. Watching different, "Making of the Video" episodes on MTV, exposed me to the world of green screening, choreography, direction and editing of video, and the work of sequencing it all together to create a masterpiece of art. Having an interest in this video production, but never knowing how to really set foot in it, kept it under-wraps in my mind for a couple of years.

By this point, I have already been a songwriter, singer/rapper, I have trademarked my symbol, Naj Inc(the symbol I would like all of my future productions to be recognized under), I've learned how to efficiently start a business and, completely know the fundamentals of marketing myself to the world, guerrilla style. At the beginning of year 2007, I began taking courses at Expression College for Digital Arts toward a Bachelor's of Science in Sound Arts, which is the study of music production. In October 2009, I finished classes at Ex'pression and graduated a month later. While attending Expression, my interest in video production resurfaced during my first class called, MSV short for, Media, Sound and Visual, when we were instructed to create a 5 minute long video as a final project. About 6 to 9 months after taking this and other video-media classes, I started a company called, Naj Inc Productions, now known as Awareness Records, which specializes in still photography, video production, and music production. My first video project under this company name called, Chop It Up, Whatcha Gonna Do!!!, is a cooking show based out of San Jose in the Bay Area, starring Kelly M. Reed-Beard as the mastering cook. There are currently 5 episodes of this show broadcasting live online and available on demand, on YouTube.

Generally speaking, what I want out of life is to be happy, insightful, and able to teach others who understand my point of views. I want to know everything there is to know about the world, who lives in it, who runs it, and why. I want to create beautiful music that people will be able to relate to, just as I could relate to another's music. I want to be able to make someone get chills when they here me sing or rap because they went through or are growing through exactly what portrayed in a song. The world being as large as it is, I want to conquer it and be able to share my love of music along the way. I want to be able to move people with my music, and I want to do this successfully and tactfully. I have and am still educating myself with as much knowledge as I need to achieve my goals, promptly. Knowledge is power. You can never stop learning. My ultimate goal is to spread knowledge and awareness through music.

Nikki Jones

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Nikki Jones

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