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Ed-D-Ed / Bio

From Chicago ILL all through my life I always seen a different way to survive to make things happen when everyone said it couldn't be done. I tend to stay away from people who pretend to care or people I cant trust anymore because of their actions. I am a love child so I bring love and laughter wherever I go, always positive with no strings attached. I seldom let people into my arena only because of people who I let in did nothing but prove me right by there concerns and actions.So yea I have a lot of friends but only a handful can get in my Arena. I fell in love with music since I was born, growing up in a church environment I always use to dance to every song they played even if it there wasn't a drum beat....lol
I became enthused with being famous as I grew up but with my surroundings I just went with the flow and started to accept my life for what it is. In Chicago I joined a gang.... My mom moved from the neighborhood and so my life began to change back to normal. Soon after we moved here to Lansing with my two sisters and MOM. My lovable Auntie Kathy Brown lived here in Lansing so that was another reason we came here to get away from madness like she did. At first I hated it but I started finding these big booty hoes that was quick to give oral and a praise a nigga like I was GOD...lol so yea I got accustomed to Lansing quick....lol
Soon After my mom left me here to be with some knuckle head, I was hurt but only after my two sisters left town too.It took awhile but I got over it and began to explore Lansing for myself. I looked at life in such a harsh way thinking why am I not cared for why am I not loved, why, why, why? I started becoming popular as always and began to run with a new crowd from my block StillWell AVE.I was in a group The untouchables when I was 16 then went solo when I was 18. I thought it
would be easy but like my life with no father I seen that I was missing guidance and just the common know how.I performed a total of 12 shows and thought my name Ed-D-ed would surely be among the best, unfortunately only my teammates got picked u know some of them now baby Sosa, Connected Felons, Big mike just to name a few. So after that I lost interest in becoming a Rap mogul and inspiration but I never stopped.. in between time till I was 28 I had many jobs, sold drugs, been locked up and had more kids than I could handle...I began to desire to do my thang in the music industry once again except this time I was limited by working or either finances wasn't right so I couldn't go mainstream....I began going to my cousin Derrick Dennis studio he had, I made a lot of hits in there including "Things aint how its suppose to be" and "Loving what I got" which you can hear here at www.soundcloud.com/ed-d-ed. I promoted my Album SITUATIONS it was a good feeling that I accomplished something that I loved to do.....Soon after I got arrested for Child Support.When I got out I was more focused on making money than ever So I started working again but still listening to my album everyday on my way to work..As time rolled on and my kids got older good friends vanished, family being family, hoes being hoes, and the streets never changing, I began to open my eyes and see the world for what it is today, some say its called getting wiser, but no because I been wise all my life, this was different. So to make a long story short...lmao I decided to make my Label I been screaming since 2002 "MAGNIFICENT RECORDS". I got all paperwork needed and even some fans this time so look out For Ed-D-ed Tha Magnificent, coming to stores near you. This will be my last Album as I am getting older like 2Chains..... I didn't know he was 37 wow...Anyhow my Album "I'LL NEVER DIE" would be released on JUNE 30th 2013 u can catch snippets of new tracks that are going to be on the Album available at www.soundclick.com/edded
After this I plan on becoming an Icon in Lansing, from promoting shows having different events for the HIP HOP community and showing love for our lil city the CAPITAL Lansing Mi
Oh yea I am also a writer,so publishing company might be next, all through my life I love to write I have two books ready to publish now so be on the look out for them "The LIAR AMONG US" by Eddie Dennis
and "Hurt in your eyes" by Eddie Dennis
Thanks for reading and support me, to all who know me, know that I keep it 100% Real, am funny- I love to laugh,emotional, dominant, smart, intelligent, loving
giving, kind, gentle, forgiving but you do lose points with me, A warrior of peace and love, willing to reach out and accept love when most are down, never give up,
accept you for you and above all else a good person to have in your life, I know I'm missing a few of others but if you know me I'm sure you can think of some more...lol
To all Have a good year and be thankful we are not in a different country....Ed-D-ed
Cool Laid-back very serious about this music I make. I've been in this game for longer than 15 years, I had to stop after making my first album SITUATIONS I had to work and pay bills. So with the music on hold I began slowly buying equipment for my recording studio. Just this year I've been laid off and it sucks but not really cause I get a second chance to do what I love,I live in Lansing MI I am from CHICAGO ILL. I can spit like twista or sound like MYSTIKAL but all in all I'm me and I am so creative. I like to interact with crowd which makes me a crowd pleaser...I am a Great Performer but I will Be a MAGNIFICENT MANAGER for The World To See- ONE DAY....a PROMISE To all My Homies who have past and knew I had a Strong passion for This music and Community......Much Love....YEP......Hope to see all of you in the LANSING MI Community soon, thanks and God-Bless

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