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Formation (2003)
Rev. Evil started as XES [Resurrected] in 2003 as a side project with Mike DuLaney, Anthony Wright, Damian Beach. Anthony and DuLaney being the original founders of XES, just wanting to make a Industrial Monster but DuLaney moved away and left XES to Anthony & Damian. They put together a lot of songs but never really got going. But in the fall of 2003 XES split apart and went back to there respected bands, every now and then coming back together to jam.

Reformation (2005)
In late 2005 after Damian moved to Brandon and after being in a band out there (PROJECT X). He was feeling unfulfilled he went and brought back XES [Resurrected] refocused he began writting for XES [Resurrected]'s debut album.

X (2005)
In July of 2005 The debut album consisted of 15 tracks only four of them with vocals the rest being instrumental with Damian playing keyboard and singing on the all of the tracks. The album being a very metabolic and being told it sounds more like a score to a movie. It was released on November 3, 2005

What Lies Beneath The Skin
For the second release XES [Resurrected] held a open contest to there fans to help come up with the name to the upcoming album providing them with album cover. After months of receiving thousands of ideas XES decided to then leave it up to the XES fans with four album ideas Fury Of A Demon, Shadow Illuison, Shadow Realm & What Lies Beneath The Skin informing the fans that submitted the names there will be a song for each entry. And after two months of voting What Lies Beneath The Skin submitted by Shelby Hackett of Boca Raton, Florida won by only 20 votes betting Fury Of A Demon. This album also featured the first guest spot of Kevin Cleveland, of Nemesis 13 on vocals for Drowning You and keyboards for Wasteful Heroes. It was released on January 1, 2006

Inner Demons (2005-2006)
The third release Inner Demons, Damian Beach being plagued by his past, decided to pull out his darker songs. Taking the fans on a dark ride through his mind and his own Inner Demons. Focusing on his nonexistent relationship with his father, his struggles with suicide, and at the time his separation with the love of his life. And according to his friends and family for a while during the recording process he went into a trance that separated him from everyone not talking and disappearing for days at a time. It was released on March 15, 2006.

Betrayal, Sin, and Judgment (2006)
This was a four track EP released to make way for the return of Anthony Wright, so Damian pulled together the last remaining songs that he put together for at the time next album and released it to the world, before the renaissance of XES [Resurrected]. The songs were a last look at way Damian wrote and the new way, this also featured Kevin Cleveland on vocals for Whore. It was released on May 19, 2006.

Hail Kanadia! (2007)
This fourth album showed the death of the keyboards and the dawn of the guitar by Anthony Wright who brings a crazy as well as a meaningful aspect to the music that is XES, still keeping the instrumental part that the band started with Anthony still premiered his vocals and off centered lyrics to the world of XES…and also help coin the frays XES Army when referring to his fans. He and Damian brought a hole new sound to the XES Army featuring guitar work from Chris Gough (Nemesis Invoked) on Doggie Style…helped move the band into a new direction. It was released on March 3, 2007.

Why so Serious? & ACE
Why so Serious? Was the second EP released by he band to help hold over the XES Army till they perfect the next full-length album (still untitled) filled with fun song like The Alphabet Song, Lucy’s In A Band as well as a demo of the song Simple released on June 20, 2008. The also released ACE another EP recently due to scheduling set back and there release from Funeral Disease Records with demos of four songs from the upcoming album and featuring Michael Greene (Zodiac) on Vocals & Drums in Taco Song.

New Name/New Members
As the band has grown the need for new name and look has come and now this is Rev. Evil. All of our old albums are sill available under the XES brand. But the new day of Rev. Evil is here with new members joining Beach & Wright...guitarist Joel Daub and Bassist Michael Pugh. New music coming soon.

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Damian Beach/Vocals & Stuff, Anthony Wright/Guitar & Vocals, Joel Daub/Guitar, & Michael Pugh/Bass
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Rock / Metal / Progressive

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Tampa, FL

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