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Malevolent Supremacy / Bio

Malevolent supremacy is the foundation of pure evil and carnage. The master composer Lu started on this project on his own 12/12/12 in Oxnard, CA and is currently working on completing the first EP by mid-summer 2013. As the Vocalist Luis Perez brings a unique form of raging highs on vocal and super guttural lows that still seems to find it's melody to create a wide variety of styles and tones wrapped up into one mass of distorted bitter chaos of music.
Malevolent Supremacy Was highly influenced by the works of Putrid Pile, Insidious Decrepancy, and Mortician due to the "unidentified" drummer. other major influences include Gorgasm, Disavowed, Vile, and many other guttural and brutal sadistic death metal bands. These influences are mixed up all into one ballistic hateful genre that fits together for brutal chaos. Connor Pixley(president of lights absence records, bassist and vocalist for donkey punch and Koresh, drummer for inhumanization and Exotropic Decay) was later brought into the project after the release of MS's first EP. he was able to keep up with the brutal yet fast paced drumming(Who later became Co-Writer) Lu had created. Connor, added and improved the old tracks as they jammed together and introduced Lu to a new guitarist, Jacob Lopez(guitarist and vocalist for Exotropic Decay, and Donkey Punch). Jacob learn many of the songs Lu had Created and continues to show great talent to keep up with the complex patterns Lu writes with and also continues to create great input for the old MS EP songs. These three have shown great potential and will continue to make brutal music together. In 2014 Lu had been referred to Fernando Rodriguez who played bass in Decorator(Decimus), and Carnal Deity. After seeing Fernando's potential, Lu added him to the band. Fernando was able to keep up with the riff while having heavily accented finger picking gave depth to the songs in Malevolent Supremacy. Fernando is a great asset to the band and will continue to brutalize the music with his bowel dropping bass skills. Later in 2014, the long search for a permanent drummer, Connor decided to keep the roll for Malevolent Supremacy. While Talking with an old friend and band companion, Santos Castro(co founder/guitarist of Inhumanization and severe carnage) was recruited to the band as a backing guitarist/vocalist thus, completing the band. Having the maximum brutality load filled. With the knowledge and skills to mix Grooves from grind and blast beats and fills from death and black metal riffing, Malevolent Supremacy continues to push forward into the elites of Brutal and blacked death metal and grind. Malevolent Supremacy is complete and being made up of well rounded musicians will continue to destroy venues near you!!! \,,/

General Info

Band Members
Connor - Guitar/Co-Writer, Jacob - Guitar, Fernando - Bass, Lu - Multi-Instrumentalist/Master Composer, Santos - Guitar
Artist Name
Malevolent Supremacy
Home Page
Metal / Darkened Brutal / Death/Grind

Contact Info

Oxnard, CA
your mom

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