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SeanVanDominic / Bio

I started playing guitar in 2003, at the age of 16 and was very interested in metal music. My influences at that point was mainly heavy metal, power metal and folk metal. Though I am mostly self-taught on the guitar, I absorbed a lot of material from my guitar Idols. I enjoyed the playing styles and techniques of players such as Jeff Loomis, Chris Brodrick, Yngwie Malmsteen and Gus G.
I decided to start my band (WARTHANE) in 2006, in which I do vocals and guitar. At the time I became very influenced by thrash. Though South Africa’s metal community is fairly small, I still wanted to nurture my musicality by playing with other musicians and working towards playing live shows. After a few months, we played our first show as a band and from the first song I knew that performing live was something I was cut out for and it became very much a part of me. After a year of relentless gigging we decided to record our first album. Though it was mainly a thrash metal album, I was also experimenting with folk elements within the album.
In 2008 the band reached a higher popularity within the country and I decided to tour more of South Africa. We were soon described as the hardest working and gigging band in the country. Upon the release of our second album, I decided to create more of a visual identity and trademark style in my music. At this point I was gradually influenced by black metal which created a unique blend of black and thrash metal in the music. Additionally I took an interest in classical music and wanted to learn more about music theory and instruments.
I started working in a Musical Instrument shop (Marshall Music South) and it helped further my knowledge, not only concerning musical instruments but also the music industry. I became very interested in the piano, drums and also other musical styles like jazz and symphonic. Building this experience lead me to being able to experiment with different styles and I started working on various side projects in my own time, to learn more about them and to evolve as a musician.
After 3 years of performing live across the country, I felt the need to expand my horizons by touring Germany and Switzerland in 2009. Once we had returned from a very successful tour, I realized that I had the potential to further my music career outside of the small South African metal scene.
I set out to work on a more internationally marketable album by challenging myself to produce something much more professional and of much higher quality. Through the loss of a dear friend and band member the writing process was delayed and the album took 3 years to complete.
After releasing the album in 2011, I felt I had reached the maximum potential in my home country. Since I was receiving many great reviews from Germany, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and England, I planned to relocate to Europe in order to further my music career and knowledge. Although this meant putting live performances on hold, I utilized my time by learning more about studio recording and post production. This gave me more time to further experiment with my various side projects .

I formed and own the band Warthane. I play guitar and do vocals in the band and also write the music as well as the lyrics.
Warthane opened for the folowing international bands touring South Africa;
2008 - Carcass (UK).
2011 - Ensiferum (Fin).
2012 - Fleshgod Apocalypse (Ita).
Between the start of 2007 and the end of 2011, Warthane played in excess of 60 shows per year, which is quite an achievement in South Africa considering the limited number of venues available to metal outfits. These shows included club shows and also all the rock and metal festivals here.
In 2009 Warthane toured Germany and Switzerland, covering areas from Berlin, Hanover, Duisburg, Munchengladbach, Aachen, Oberhausen, Munich, etc.
In 2012 I also started writing and playing music for a side project (The Great Sleep).
Most recently I was also asked (and agreed) to play bass guitar for a local band Agro on two of their shows.

I wanted to study music all my life, but was not in a position to study full time after matriculating and worked at Marshall Music instead for a number of years.

I am now in a position to study and do not want to postpone any longer. Being 25 years of age now I think I have reached the right level of maturity to apply myself and throw myself heart and soul into my studies.
I have no doubt in my mind that studying music is the right way for me going forward, I have looked into a number of options and spoken to a number of people from across the globe and came to the conclusion that I would prefer to study at your facility.
I have really got my heart set on this and am hoping for a positive response from you.



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