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A singer/songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona and frontman for the Canadian rock band Unfixed, Ryan Tree continues to follow his passion for music wherever it leads.

Ryan was born in Plano, Texas and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. In the earlier years, he was unaware of his musical talents. He spent most of his free time focusing on BMX and photography. In high school, Ryan learned how to play the guitar by studying Green Day tabs and practicing on his sister's Fender Stratocaster. A few years later, he bought his very first acoustic guitar while studying abroad in Hong Kong.

Upon returning to the U.S. to finish his bachelor's degree at Syracuse University, Ryan began writing his own songs and found a spot as the lead vocalist for a band on campus. By collaborating with his fellow musicians, Ryan started to develop a true creative spirit.

After graduating from Syracuse, Ryan's new passion led him to Montreal, Canada, the international hub of rock and metal music. Within a few months, Ryan was picked up by the alternative metal band, Unfixed. The group had been searching for a new singer and after listening to a few demo tracks, they knew Ryan was the perfect candidate to join the family.

In the following two years, Unfixed gained amazing support from its fans, produced a rock-solid EP album, and performed live shows at Montreal's most revered venues, including an anniversary show at Club Soda alongside Reset, the former band of Simple Plan.

Although Ryan rocked the stage in Canada on the weekends, he lived and worked in Burlington, Vermont, maintaining a steady job in Internet marketing. While some people are fortunate enough to make music a career, Ryan was put in a difficult position to either follow his passion for music or hang on to a promising future in business. With the long-term objective in mind, Ryan made the decision to put music on hold and pursue an opportunity in his Arizona hometown.

During the next year, Ryan worked for an advertising agency in Phoenix and found himself missing the music scene. This now brings us to 2012, the resurrection of Ryan Tree as a musician, as he releases his debut single "White Lights". With a music video and full album in the works for 2013, Ryan is anxious to share more music with the world and ready for the journey ahead.

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