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Problem 13 / Bio

PROBLEM 13 also known as Alexander Abdul-Azeez Muhammad was born in Chicago to a Afro-Cuban mother. He never knew his biological father, except that he was from the island of Jamaica. He was exposed to hip hop at the age of 7. While visiting family members in the Bronx, NY he heard a cassette tape of the Cold Crush Brothers performing live and fell in love with Hip Hop instantly. His summer trips to the Bronx became the most exciting and anticipated events of his childhood. He was totally consumed with Hip Hop culture, which was a culture un-known to Chicago at the time. He was also intrigued with the neighborhood men that referred to themselves as Gods, but were more known as the 5% Nation. At the age of 10 he joined the 5% Nation, (now known as da NGE, Nation Of Gods and Earths) studying the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad through the interpretation of Clarence 13X, (also known as Father Allah) but livin on the S.Side Chicago, he began running with gangs and adopting the gang-banger lifestyle. At the age of 14 he left Chicago and relocated to Miami to live with his grandmother, there he spent most of his time in Liberty City, where he met DJ Money D and The Click Sixx Staff, an underground hip hop crew that he would become a member of.
DJ Money D, who worked at SKD Records recording studio (know known as Studio Center) in Miami Lakes, gave Problem13 the platform to sharpen his skills as an MC. Growing in consciousness to da plight of Black America and wanting to escape the pitfalls of the thug life, he joined The Nation of Islam under the guidance of Minister Louis Farrakhan and became Alexander X. A few years later, Problem 13 found himself behind prison walls serving 2 years for violation of probation from a drug charge he received before joining The Nation. Upon his return to the streets of Miami, he decided to focus on his music and began battling other MCs more, entering more talent shows and performing shows all over the hip hop underground club scene on S. Beach. For the next few years P13 terrorized the mic and he became a force to be reckoned with. Opening up shows for artists such as: Notorious B.I.G., KRS One, Black Moon, Foxy Brown, Cypress Hill, Redman and EPMD. He became Miami's underground battle king – never losing a battle, but still working hard in his representation of the Nation Of Islam receiving the name "Muhammad" from Min.Farrakhan on Feb. 25 1995 for his deligent work in the distribution of "The Final Call" newspaper, the Nation Of Islam's number one program. He found himself in a battle within himself, wrestling between his life as a muslim and his life as a hip hop artist. He decided to give up rap altogether.
After taking a 3-year hiatus from rapping he desperately wanted to improve the quality of life of his family, and buried himself back into the music business. His desire for success in the music industry blinded him to everything else, including his family and his life as a muslim, and he eventually returned to the thug life he was living before joining The Nation.

In 2000 he formed the group "Southern Affiliate" and signed to indie-label "Lockin' It Down" records releasing several singles, including "Hustle Hard" and "Livin' In Poverty (I'm Scarred)" which became underground hits in the streets and "Dance Muthafucka" which became a big hit in the clubs locally and an instant street classic in Miami which DJs still play today. In 2002 Problem13 left "Lockin' It Down" records because of creative differences. He began working with "DJ Mr. Mixx" producer and DJ of the notorious and imfamous rap group "The 2 Live Crew". Working together on a demo tape to shop to the industry, while at the same time he was putting out mixtapes to the underground, which increased his popularity in the streets.
after releasing his third mixtape "Running For Mayor" mixtape vol. 2 in 2007, many changes transpired in his personal life. He became divorced from his then wife, He was given custody of his 7 children by the Department of Children and Families. He lost close friends to the violence of the streets, and was effected by the fallen economy. These were things that he believes was Allah (God) pushing him back towards the straight path of Islam. He went thru a metamorphysis that led to his return to the Nation of Islam, which inspired da mixtape "A New Beginning" Mixtape Vol.1, and more recently followed up by Vol. 2 which have become classics in the Nation Of Islam.
PROBLEM 13 is the tightest, most underrated MC in Miami; He has just released his latest mixtape, "Da Wolverine", and his first single "Slaughterhouse", which is creating a buzz in the underground throughout the country.

He is the newest artist on Trumpet X Records, and is currently working on his first official album, a double CD entitled "Blood Off My Hands: Da Mujahideen Project". Due out late 2013. Which promises to be a classic.
PROBLEM 13 produces and mixes all of his songs. He started a new production company named "Apocaliptik Productions", whos motto is "we not takin ova da game, we burnin it down!!!". A massive of underground artist like himself that are not interested in going along with the status quo of the music industry. Artist on the Apocaliptik productions roster includes rappers/ MCs, Quint aka The New Channel, Lil Rebel, Da Drop Squad, Jihad, Smart Mouth, Teach 1, Jahi, Red Don, singer Izeybey Muhammad, and singer/ rapper Mimi, and the roster is still growing. He is currently producing the first compillation album from the production company "Apocaliptik Poetry", due to be released late 2013...
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