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Life In A Tree's music is dynamic, rich and powerful, while being balanced with smart, meaningful lyrics. The unique sound of this Wisconsin-based band defy's their young ages of 15. Their music resonates a deeper undertone of life as a teenager, which serves as a reminder to us all the impact of those most formidable growing years. Their music speaks to both adults and kids alike, spanning the full spectrum of audiences with their balance of substance, diverse vocals, delicate harmonies and complex song structures. They excel both in live performances and in studio, one minute at the apex of musical intricacies, the next stripped down to just vocals. They will challenge your thoughts of youth versus musical talent and leave you with a wonderful feeling about the direction of the next generation. True uniqueness in music is so hard to find these days, but somehow Life In A Tree produced it with their debut album.

“Life In A Tree practically states and proves the case for musical re-incarnation”.
-Sam Malaj (BatCave Recording Studios)

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Band Members
Molly - Vocals & Bass / Tyler - Guitar & Vocals / DJ - Guitar & Vocals / Jimmy - Drums & Percu
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Life In A Tree
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Alternative / Rock / Indie Rock

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Milwaukee, WI