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compromised EGO / Bio

compromised EGO is a stage name of Isa Raja A.K.A. Inong Loebis and it was started in year 2000 as a solo project of Inong Loebis and the name of compromised EGO is used as his stage name.

2000-2004: Inong was productively making music & writing song lyrics by him self.

Inong was having a colaboration with Rivano Arifin, a rock influenced guitarist, they both intensively producing music for cE (compromised EGO) but didn't release any of the songs. They were having gigs for quite some times playing a cover song.

Inong was having another colaboration with Andika Jenial, they both working for music arrangement for another inong's songs. At this period's also being supported by Don Alfred Mahulete for the bass position.

Later in year 2010 Inong independently releasing compromised EGO EP which title is A beautiful mess, doing a regular gig from cafe to cafe and try to sell the EP directly while doing the gigs. For the E.P. distribution is conducted by inong by selling it directly and also hand to hand distribution with help from supportive friends. Later on in the same year Inong met Fikri dzul, being introduced by a friend & at first Fikri was an additional (supporting) player for most of compromised EGO gigs.

Until he join to be one of the core of compromised EGO, ever since that compromised EGO's becoming a duophonics.

cE have been released an E.P. (A beautiful mess) for this E.P. the music arrangement was a working collaboration with guitarists, such as rock influenced Ivan Rivano Arifin of Dejavu( music arrangement of In the end & Today songs), Andika Jenial of ZU (music arrangement of I gotta stop & Dan ku tahu ) & funk jazz Setiagiri Agung of sTonation (song making of I gotta stop).
The color of the music is rock alternative.
But later the music arrangement for the songs from the 1st EP was re arranging by Randa Oktovandy in a collaboration with Inong him self as the composer of the songs.

At the same year compromised EGO was also playing their unreleased song on their gigs such as: I want me out

In 2011 compromised EGO was releasing a single which title is Thank You Queen. A song which dedicated to Inong's closest person and as a reflection of a thankful feeling from some one close whose always being very supportive in every possible way & absurd situation.

In this year compromised EGO's also playing some of their songs such as: Alice's not in the mood and By your side during their gigs although those songs haven't been released, but the songs were having a positive responses.
Based from those responses compromised EGO was releasing the songs unofficial as personal single ( distributed hand to hand to the fans that are close to the band).

FIX PERSONNEL of compromised EGO
Inong Loebis (Vox). Randa "tazmaNIA" Oktovandy (Guitar). Fikri "Gonzalez" Dzul (Drum & Percussion).

Guitar:Reza Edo.
Bass Guitar: Jajank Fajar Kartikaku

From 2004 - Present compromised EGO live performances have been supported by additional player & fellow musician such as:

*2009-2012* Additional are:
Rivano Elrien, Jacky Djakaria, Rizal Ahmad, Kelie Junior Soemantri, Reza Edo, Randa Oktovandy, Jones Tepi, Feriz.

*2008-2009* Additional Are:
Andika Jenial, Setiagiri Agung, Iman Brata, Samsi, Dang"gigil"sibogalakon, Andre

Ivan Rivano Arifin

*2000-2002* Additional Are:
Dang "GIGIL" A.K.A. Dadang sibogalakon A.K.A. Dadung


*BASSISTs* Additional Are:
Lanlan M. Dwi Maulana, Jajank Fajar.

*2011-early 2012* Additional Are:
Lanlan M. Dwi Maulana, Deniaris Setio.

*2010-2011* Additional Are:
Cepi Zephasa, Deniaris Setio "Gedel", Iyus "Ucup Jihen".

*2007-2010* Additional:
Don Alfred Mahulete

*2005* Additional:
Daud Hairu.

*2012* Additional:

*2010-2011* Additional Are:
Fikri Dzul, Mamoth, Dadan Dancuy (Additional).

*2009* Additional:
Dadi Firmansyah.

*2008* Additional Are:
Iyank Of Hairu, Han Han, Diki.

Live Performances: Band (Accoustic / Electric)
For a gig can be very optional concerning 2 amount of the band personnel on stage.

General Info

Band Members
Inong Loebis: Vocal & Guitar. Randa Tazmania Oktovandy: Guitar. FikriDzul Gonzalez Putramalawi: Drum & Percussion. ADDITIONAL:FajarKartikaku:Bass. RezaEd:Guitar
Artist Name
compromised EGO
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Active Since
Rock / Alternative Rock / Rock

Contact Info

Bandung, ID
FreeManagement at +62818216985