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Raine Sky / Bio

Hey, Hi! This is Theresa Greer or you can call me Raine Sky. I make it Rain when I cry lol :D. Anyway, I am 28 years old. I don't claim to be the best singer in the world or best guitar player but I love to sing and write songs to express myself. I always wanted to be a singer ever since I was a little girl, I started singing at around 6 years old to songs in the back of my school books and I use to make up songs and make up songs to Dr. Seuss books but somewhere in there I had got major confidence issues and stop singing at around 9 years old. I started trying to sing again at 16 years old and I started off really bad but I noticed I sounded better when I believed in myself so from there I started working on my confidence more than my vocals because with confidence the vocals will come naturally. There's some artist out now that can't sing but people love them because of their confidence and performances. It took all this time but here I am posted songs on a music website. I come from a musical family. My dad use to be a DJ and played the guitar, on my mom's side of the family my auntie and uncle was gifted singers and guitar player, and my brother is a music producer. I would have to say my brother's music and taste in music influenced me the most. I was influenced by the country artist Jewel, Tim McGraw, the British pop singers The Spice Girls, Gwen Stafani, Tori Amos, Green Day, Asylum, Pink, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Selena, and some others. I really love the raw singing because it allows me to not try to be so perfect and its reality because nobody has the perfect vocals. I started a band but it didn't go anywhere because the people were not devoted to rehearsing but my bass player remains loyal to me and we rehearse songs together on occasion, I had created a girl group and that didn't work out because they were not serious about singing, I took five months vocal training at Saint Louis Community College (it helped me with having confidence in singing in front of people), I took a Oral Communications class at Forest Park that really helped me with my confidence (talking in front of people helped me to sing in front of people because to me singing is just fancy talking), I sang as a backup singer for my brother's rap group, AND I have recorded two songs and put them on CD (POP & ACOUSTIC SONG). I have not performed live yet but hopefully one day I will... I have a very FRIENDLY personality and people say I'm sweet. I'm very blunt when it comes to my lyrics, if I feel like saying it, I say it or write it and I don't care who doesn't like it. I express myself more while singing than talking. I think I sound like anybody else and I don't try or want to sound like anybody else, I'm unique and I'm me and I can't be nobody else but me, hope you like me and if you don't, oh well, I LIKE YOU (That's Jesus LOVE right there). Any who, if you got any questions, I'm a open book, just ask me.I would love to answer your questions you have for me and if you have any comments that are good let me know and if you don't have any good comments then I'm sorry you don't like me but keep it moving away from my page.I don't like negativity but I know that no matter how positive I be some people are just always negative and want to write negative things about someone they don't know. I hope you enjoy my page and my future music to come. Bye for now!

-Theresa Greer, Raine Sky

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Raine Sky
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Singer Songwriter / Country, Pop, R&B, Blues, Soft Rock

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Saint Louis, MO
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