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MidNite Alibi is the love child of Kelly and Stormy MacDonald. All songs have been written by Kelly and/or Kelly & Stormy MacDonald and produced through their own record company called Outhouse Music. MidNite Alibi is a soothing mix of country music and Rock n Roll. It is Kelly and Stormy's goal to receive their first CMA award within two years! (make that 1 year!) LOL

For years, while each walked a different path, Kelly and Stormy had the same dream. To not just become popular public vocalists, but to simply share their voices musically with the world. Each lived their own lives, trying to find a way to accomplish their goals, making mistakes and memories. Kelly grew up loving Rock music, while Stormy's first love in music was Country. Now, Kelly loves country and Stormy is the rocker!

After failed marriages on each of their plates, they met for the first time while each of them was at a crossroads in life. Stormy was almost a year into a divorce of a 16 year marriage and Kelly was out celebrating his divorce on the night they formally met. The attraction to Kelly was immediate for Stormy, yet Kelly just wasn't ready to fall in love again. They remained very close friends for several years, each confiding in each other everything about their lives; good or bad.

Stormy moved to Tucson, Arizona after another failed relationship in November of 2011. She did not tell Kelly she left because it was difficult for her to leave him, knowing her feelings for him never died. While in Tucson, Stormy hit the ground running, became lead singer in a Classic Rock band and a Country Band with a Rock project interested in building a project around her. In July of 2012 she needed help writing the song "Where did Country Go", so she texted Kelly. Within a couple of days, Kelly had written the first verse and chorus and he e-mailed the song to Stormy. Thus began their corresponding with each other again, after nearly 9 months.

They began to catch up with each others lives, Stormy was in a platonic relationship, and Kelly had just broken things off with someone. Evidently while Stormy was away, Kelly had come to the realization that he truly did love her and he had to tell her. Bothof them realized they loved each other they began to figure out a way to get back to each other as soon as possible! A family emergency miraculously brought Stormy back to KC and during the time that passed until their reunion, Kelly and Stormy made plans to be married the moment she came back to town. It was important to both of them, considering their past with relationships, to not even experience their first kiss until they were man and wife. They were married in front of their immediate family (children) on July 25, 2012.

Before Stormy would come back to Kansas City to be with Kelly, she made him promise that their home would be filled with music and that they would work together toward fulfilling their lifelong dream of being successful in music in a big way. Within their first week of marriage, Kelly and Stormy finished writing their first song "Where did Country Go". They have since written a total of 6 songs together. Years before meeting Stormy, Kelly had written over 11 songs on his own and for some reason, his album never made it out to the public. They both believe they were destined to be together and to see their collective dreams come together in one big accomplishment. With all of the material they have together, they are very excited to begin the project of their lifetimes!

Now their band is finally complete with the additon of Seth Bohanon (bass/lead/rhythm and vocals), Keith Goodman (lead/bass/vocals) and Rick Sims (drums/percussion/vocals) MidNite Alibi is very excited to get out on the streets promoting and booking their live (cover/originals) project. Keith Goodman, a fantastic lead guitarist has several orignals of his own in the rock genre and that is very exciting! Seth Bohanon, Stormy's son is a music savant with the ability to play multiple instruments and vocal quality to match that of his Mother, Stormy. The latest addition to the band is professional drummer Rick Sims. Rick has been the drummer for many prominent bands in the Kansas City area and the most wonderful things about Rick is that he also brings matching vocal talent to the project as well!

Soon we will be taking down all the files on this site and replacing them with "snipits" of our music professionally recorded. We are going to do this because we are hoping to release our first album by the end of February. We truly hope that you enjoy the music. It IS a labor of love and an effort to reach as many people asvwe can through the wonderful language of music!

Rock On, Country Strong!


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