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Stuart Marsland / Bio

DJ – Gonch

Name - Stuart Marsland (aka Gonch)

Sex – yes please (male)

D.O.B. - 23/03/83

From – Manchester, UK

Currant Position – Radio Monkey

Show – The Metal Museum


Originally Gonch was classically trained on the Guitar from the age of 10, but in High School he discovered a little piece of hardware called an 'overdrive pedal', and ever since has had a love for Hard Rock and Metal Music. Listening to the likes of Strapping young Lad, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Zeplin, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. Joining and creating a few of his own bands, eventually performing at the National Battle Of The Bands for the high school he went to. Placing 2nd out of 80 performing acts over 2 days.

After school in 99, Gonch went into music production and recording, attempting to get into a few bands and trying to create his own, but struggled to get his unique style and sound to incorporate within the band, no such joy, so tuck up the challenge of doing everything himself, releasing 2 albums, working with other bands and artist to produce and master demo's and EP's.

Along side this, from 2002 to 2006, Gonch was experimenting with other sounds and music styles, eventually working with a Techno Production company, performing over the web and at live events on decks, cdj's and on the mic. Performing at some of the biggest venues in Manchester and the UK.

At the end of 2006, Gonch was invited to write and produce a sound track for one of the worlds best online multi-player games, using excessive use of orchestral and synth sounds, which was a huge success although it took nearly 2 years to accomplish. This has lead to Gonch's unique sound with his own project work.

After personal problems with his home life and battling with an Alcohol problem (now 3 years sober and counting). In 2012 Gonch started working with an online Metal station, originally as a review writer (seen as he had an unknown talent for writing) and then going on to DJ on air with his own show.

After leaving that station, in 2013, Gonch started work for another Metal Radio Station as both a writer and a DJ. Continuing his love of metal and sharing all aspects of it with the world. and having the spare time to put the hours into his own music projects.


Only one word comes to mind when describing Gonch, Mental!, he has a love of extreme sports, (explains all of his injuries). A simple man with simple needs. All e needs is his Guitar, Studio, Couch, Kettle and Car to survive. His dress seance is something to be questioned, ¾ Shorts in winter? Hoodies and trainers. Gonch also has a passion for tattoos and piercings. Explains his current Women in his life. (you may find the 'Metal Maiden' in the studio with him from time to time, during his shows)


From High School, Gonch has had a love of extreme sports, mainly mountain biking, and up until 2010 worked in the cycling industry as a mechanic, ending up in a managerial position. But unfortunately, due to health problems, can no longer work (or walk properly for that matter) so now just chills and does more of what he loves in the studio.

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Stuart Marsland
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Stuart Marsland
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Manchester, UK
Stuart Marsland

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