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Black Standard / Bio

Black Standard consists of five members: Cooper, Brandon, Ruben, Zack, and Alex. We play Metal, heavily influenced by bands including In Flames, Lamb of God, Dark Tranquility, and Insomnium.

The name "Black Standard" comes from a meaning that the five of us agreed upon. When a man is born, he is untainted. Over the course of his life he makes decisions that corrupt him, or those around him. This corruption can be compared to a flag becoming ripped, torn, and faded over time. In the flag's inception it is pure and bright, after a few years of abuse and the trials of its life, it is no longer the same but it carries on; as does the life of a man. Black Standard seeks to stand as a symbol; a banner or standard for all who wish to carry it. When a man walks down the road in a Slayer shirt, and sees a stranger wearing a Lamb of God shirt, these two men do not know each other yet there is a friendship adopted based on the garb the two men share in common. Metal horns are flashed, nods of approval are given, and smiles are shown. Black Standard is a representation of that respect among people.

The color black represents dark meaning, a trait often associated with metal bands and people who associate with the music. Black Standard stands to be proud of the color black and bring forth its radiance. We stand to show all in our path that musical taste and appearance doesn't make a man who he is, it only fuels his passion. Music doesn't define a person, his actions and moral beliefs do.

You cannot kill the metal...

General Info

Band Members
Cooper G., Alex M., Ruben R., Brandon M., Zack C.
Artist Name
Black Standard
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Active Since
Metal / Groove / Melodic

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Houston, TX

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