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Brothers Of Alien Rock / Bio

Deep in the vortex of cold space in a galaxy very far away, 3 Supreme beings were driven from their home planet of RockTronamos by an unknown enemy's attempt to suppress their world of any and all audio pleasures. This enemy has literally taken all sound from their planet. A world with no sound and no music. This is Blasphemy. No, this is War!

These 3 brothers have been on the run with the enemy hot on their trail for 300 years, and with each planet they discover in the universe, comes their attempt to warn the natives of the impending doom from their mercenary soul sucking foes!

Now, these 'Brothers of Alien Rock' have crash landed on the next planet in their path: EARTH!!! Inevitably they MUST once again save the inhabitants with their Awesome filled Rock from the grips of the menacing sound killing SoulSuckers! But will the people of Earth heed the warning in time?!?!

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Band Members
Fern (vocals & guitar) Dave (drums, percussion & harmonies) Ryan (bass & harmonies) Billy (Guitar & Harmonies)
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Brothers Of Alien Rock
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Orlando, FL

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