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Shaguar / Bio

What is Shaguar?

Instrumental retro surf rock and rockabilly; think Austin Powers meets the Ventures and Dick Dale but driving a hot rod, sporting a pompadour and a cape with Little Richard riding shotgun.

We are a 6 piece: lead and rhythm guitars, drums, keys, bass, and the fabulous Ms. Lily laying down the lead vocal for the rockabilly and swing-ish numbers, with the balance instrumental retro rock and surf.

Material includes classics by The Ventures, Dick Dale, The Shadows, The Ryders, Wanda Jackson, Little Richard, The Trashmen, and more current material like Satan’s Pilgrims, Imelda May, Robert Gordon, Atomic 7 as well as some medleys and theme music from movies and TV.

Shaguar’s mission is simple: Fun.

Now featuring the dueling guitars of Dee Dee Mau and Mickey Mau. A surf rock/rockabilly tour de force. Bios to come.

Mickey Mau: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Aka ‘The Disaster with a Stratocaster’: Legend has it that he once parked in a tow away zone only to come back later to find that the entire neighbourhood was gone. That is when fate led him to the Shaglair, the only place still in place. Overhearing Dee Dee’s ripping guitar emanating from the Shaglair resulted in the fateful reunification with his long lost younger fraternal twin reverb brother. Mickey’s interests are varied with his pride and joy; a large archive of audio transcriptions of Marcel Marceau. He’s no slouch when it comes to button-hole collecting, a sought out expert who is world renown for his acumen in spotting attractive holes. Mikey sports a few quirks like his wristwatch phobia, and a stead-fast belief that both ants and the color beige do not exist. When asked, how’s life as a Shaguarian?... "You know that feeling you have when you lean back in a chair, and then you lean back a little too far, and you almost fall backwards, but then you catch yourself and go “whoa”… that’s how I feel all the time … !”

Ms. Lily: Vocals
Who do you get when you cross Betty Boop with Alfred E Neuman and top it off with a little Dame Edna? That’s right Ms. Lily. She found her love of hard hitting surf rock and rock-a-billy riding crests and waves in the wheat fields/silos of the damned of her native Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. She was an enigma to her fellow Moosejavins who, truth be told, were scared witless by her over the top persona. So Ms. Lily decided to rise up from Al Capones tunnels, head to the big city and bust out her perky pipes and sultry sweet moves for the masses. Finding the Shaguarians was a stroke of luck and has given her a reason to lay down her tight sweaters here in Edmonton. Trash, Crass and Class all wrapped up in one short, deadly package of TNT.

Ida Bigg-Uns: Keys/Vocals/Percussion
When not in the trailer park pool, Ms. Bigg-Uns is either priming and prepping to go out, is on the way out, or is on her perch at her favorite club surrounded by swamp rock, pop, and bluesy riffs from a multitude of musicians, and of course her gentlemen in waiting. With a propensity to emulate anything she hears, Ida gave up hog calling competitions for a ride on the wild side of surf rock and rockabilly. Exactly how she ended up in the back of Dee Dee Mau’s pickup truck has never really been clear due to her ethanol induced state of disorientation. But when Ida heard the band playing in the basement she stumbled in, fired up the 70’s organ (a fixture in the Shaguar rehearsal lair) and the rest… Well let’s skip the details about her getting sick all over Sparky’s bass, but she is a welcome addition as a multi-instrumentalist: keyboards, percussion, brass and vocals to name a few. And if Ida’s in the right mood she might even give y’all a big old hog call.

Duke: Drums/Vocals
A Mystery, rapped in a riddle, inside an enigma is how many would describe Duke. Duke is tight lipped about his past but there are rumours that he was conceived in a Spinal Tap Pod during summer solstice. One thing is for sure: He loves to drum, write music, has excellent pitch, great pipes, and is a multi-instrumentalists. Duke is also an expert on experts, a lover of all things that come with fun fur, and the owner of an extensive troll doll collection. His mad skills as a dowser and his Christopher Walken impersonation are party favourites. He is a true renaissance man.

Sparky Vegas: Bass/Vocals
Having been considered feral upon capture at the age of six in the back alleys of Los Vegas makes Sparky’s accomplishments all the more extraordinary. Initially speaking a strange form of gibberish, Sparky quickly began to adapt, at first learning to communicate through tap dancing and then show tunes. His bond with the electric guitar was immediate when placed in his sweaty little eleven year old hands. This and his propensity for carnival barking at random moments set him on an emerald path through the 80s and 90s culminating in Shaguarian bass playing bliss. “You can’t be at the top without a solid bottom” SV.

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