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"One day, it was decided that dub step needed to express its insane, danceable, funkable, thrashable alter ego."

Welcome to OnPlanetZu, an original and self-contained entity where creativity manifests itself in the form of rhythm, sound, and performance.

Who Is OnPlanetZu?
Zu Tha Greatone, singer/songwriter for LA bands,'OnPlanetZu' and 'Bazerk' joins forces with producer, Cori Jacobs (Fader) to inspire an original and heavy new amalgam of hip hop and dub step. With over a decade of history in the music industry, the members of OnPlanetZu excel in style flexibility, adapt to changing preferences, and posess a talent for uniquely blending musical styles. OnPlanetZu is the framework of Dub Step merged with Hip Hop, Reggae, Lyricism and Rock. Their songs contain an element of unpredictability-changing flow at any given turn. Live shows consistently energize the crowd and draw people to the dance floor.

Where is the Music now?
OPZ have recently signed with Skee-Lo Musik under Sony RED. The debut album, "Adventures of Yo Mama" will be released March 2014 under Zu's own modest label name, "Weird Doe Noize." This conjuncture promises to bring some amazing new sounds and collaborations to the music industry. Following the release of the album will be a new box set by Cleopatra Records, featuring a few remixed dubstep tracks from OnPlanetZu. There are also some exciting new collaborations underway with artists like Redman, Skee-Lo, Darcy Donnovan, Galilee, Supa, and more. These will be released as singles later on in 2014. So stay tuned, OPZ's got nothin' but HYPE transmitting to your neighborhood!

How Did OnPlanetZu Originate?
While promoting for his band, BAZERK, Brian Perera of Cleopatra Records approached him and expressed enthusiasm for BAZERK's sound. He had one of his producers make a dub step remix of BAZERK's "Hello America.” The song was well-received and consequently released on a compilation box set by the label. Zu found a lot of inspiration in the new sound and decided to run with the idea, creating his genre-bending Dubstep band, 'OnPlanetZu.'

Zu and Cori "Fader" Jacobs have an almost seamless way of working together. Fader's enthusiasm and affinity for OPZ has added a vital element of cohesiveness between the ideas in Zu's head and the final outcome of the recorded song. His versatility as a live DJ during shows makes him integral to the structure of OnPlanetZu. OPZ performances might be Zu as a solo artist, proving his gift at entertainment, or he might be joined by DJ Fader and a live drummer. Either way, the band never fails to deliver.

Tone Toven, film director and life long friend, has contributed to many of Zu's videos, including the smash hit video, "Speakers." His presence makes it possible for OnPlanetZu to easily present a visual component to their marketing and the fans eat it up, especially since Zu enjoys involving them in the videos!

Bragging Rights:
Has worked with such names as:
Blackburner, Dawn of Ashes, Ludacris, KRS One, Prince, Dr. Mad Vibe (Angelo Moore of Fishbone), The Black Eyed Peas, 311 and George Clinton, Redman, Skee-Lo, Darcy Donnovan, A Tone, Galilee

Music featured in:
MTV Top 10 and Pranked
Animal Planet
PlayStation 3 Commercials and Clown voiceover
2012feature film, "Donner's Pass."

Filming In Process:
"Hello America" with Angelo Moore
Indie band reality show with Tone Toven

As an artist, Zu is endorsed by such LinkedIn members as DJ Evil E (Ice T's dj) and Anthony Andrews of Lickwit Entertainment (responsible for some of the most famous underground Hip Hop acts: King Tee, NAS, Tha Alkaholiks, Xzibit, Defari, Dilated People, Stylisik Jones and Lootpack. His videos have received numerous silver and gold medals for production, video and songwriting quality from beat100.com.

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Zu Tha Greatone-singer/songwriter working with producer, Fader, and various other artists to create a sound for the dub step rage gene
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Dubstep / Reggae / Hip Hop

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Los Angeles, CA

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