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Ciera MacDonald / Bio

Ciera began singing at the age of 5. Since then, she has yet to cease. Her training began when her parents first sang her to sleep as an infant. From there, Ciera grew up singing with her parents cassette tapes, her lifelong church, choir, community theatre, and then she finally took to piano at the age of 12. For a year, she learned how to read music. After becoming bored with easy classical songs out of a beginner book - she said it was time for more. Ciera had always known she was made for music - something big. She then decided it was time to accompany herself on piano! Starting with covering the artists she grew up listening to - Carly Simon, Carole King, James Taylor, Journey, Styx, etc. - she then took to writing her own music.

In January 2010, Ciera auditioned for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy located in both Los Angeles and New York. She was immediately accepted and ecstatic to start! Ciera has worked with several teachers currently working within the music, theatre, and film industry. Her sound ranges from Classical/Musical theatre, to an adult contemporary, soulful sound.

"Diversity is key, and originality is priceless." - Ciera

Ciera's creativity for writing thrives off of emotional experience, good and bad. There are always hidden meanings behind the imagery created with both the words and music combined. You could note the structure of her music as unconventional - not the norm - but that's what makes it so great. Ciera writes with her co-writer, lifelong friend, and soon-to-be the next big comedian and laugh maker - Remington Kienbusch. Remington's use of words can keep an audience in his very grasp, never wanting to stray.

"Particularism - yes, that's a real word - is what separates a catchy, auto-tuned pop artist from a true vocalist/musician/performer. It is what can make or brake a song. If you can MAKE one - you'd be surprised to learn how you've moved a human being." - Ciera

Ciera's influences include, but are not limited to (and in no particular order): Death Cab for Cutie, Carly Simon, Carole King, James Taylor, Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Mumford and Sons, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Adele, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks, Etta James, Sutton Foster, Alice Ripley, etc.

"We learn through trial and error, and of course, from the inspiration another has given us - be it through a performance, a song they've written, or just some Joe Shmoe you met and had a conversation with, whose words were truly meaningful to you in that moment. I try to take a small something from my life experiences and the artists I listen to, and integrate it with my music. I am completely against imitating another artist. There is a difference between imitation (flat out copying someone) and integrating something from their work with yours, while still keeping the majority of it as your own original work. We can never be COMPLETELY original. We grow up listening to others and are inspired by their own work. Music wouldn't be where it is today without the person that created it back in the Stone Age! Your own work, plus a tiny something from someone else is still original - no one has that combination, nor do they sound like you - only you." - Ciera

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Band Members
Ciera MacDonald - Pianist, vocalist, lyricist; Remington Kienbush - lyricist.
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Ciera MacDonald
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Indie / Americana / Adult Contemporary

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Jonesboro, AR

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