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Candy Town / Bio

For more than a hundred years, bedtime stories have warned children of the wandering pack of gypsy clowns who travel from town to town, stealing away naughty youngsters and raising them as their own, schooling them in the arts of musical vaudeville and playing for ragamuffins and royalty the world over. However, unlike Krampus or the Bogeyman, the idea of these roving carnies seems to attract almost as many children as it frightens. Far from scaring such children into obedience, many have run away from home in hopes of finding and joining with this sinister crew from faraway, mythical CANDY TOWN.

Coming to America for the first time in 1901 and passing through sporadically in the ensuing decades, they are considered by many to be the greatest living masters of “Bounce” music, and continue to entertain and appall to this day. So lock up your silverware and keep a watchful eye on your loved ones! Candy Town is coming through your neck of the woods.

General Info

Band Members
Sean Guinan, Maggie O'Keefe, Kristin Srail, Geoff Luk, Beth Earl, Jay Michelson, Cassandra Lynn, Dana Shin
Artist Name
Candy Town
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Active Since
Indie / bounce / ragtime

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Chicago, IL

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