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Khashaah Reighns / Bio

Here to showcase The final products of my Talents,Intelligence and creativity that i must share,its not right that i keep my talents to myself?!



*Through my Music, through my talents and abilities*

(I take it upon myself to inspire an Increase in the Elevation of the HUMAN CONNECTION)

Who is K.H.A.S.H.A.A.H ?

My Bio Info- Age-25 years old –Location-Brooklyn, NY From Worcester, MASS-Height -5’8

Measurements -36D-28W-38H

Race- Egyptian/Kenyan. I've been a world traveler since I could see. I was born in Norway, I've lived in Africa, UK, and Asia UK for half of my Years thus far and I've spent the rest of my years living between Worcester, Massachusetts and Brooklyn, NY.

11 words my friends would use to describe me?

Talented,Original,Funny,beautiful,Confident,Creative,accepting,ambitious,generous,passionate,Eclectic,stubborn,strong willed, focused, a little arrogant when its needed, a little spoiled and I just don’t give a flying F***!

What or who inspired the type of music I make?

My music has been influenced by different genres i.e. Hip Hop, R&B, Blue grass, Rock n Roll, Soul, Alternative and pop and Traditional African Folk Music. My work is inspired by these types of music. I aspire to make sure that even- though my music is inspired by different genres it will always be O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L and not a derivative of anyone’s work and a scientist conducting experiments in this music shit and I want to bring something new to table, not just something that sounds G.O.O.D, something new...Something Different that sounds great. This is always my goal! I’m saying it is a fact. This industry needs new BLOOD; it needs my BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS ;-). I consider myself the entity sent to this world to deliver an important message. I’m not doing this for nothing. This is my gift to the world. I just want to make sure this message reaches its destination and doesn’t get lost in the shuffle”

How would I categorize my music?

R&B and Hip hop, Rock and “Rollish”, new school, Old school and its always POP-I just make G.O.O.D music and its fall into a category. I don’t limit myself to a certain type of music to make. I just make G.O.O.D music.

What am i working on now?

I am currently an Un-Signed Artist. I am looking to break in to bigger and greater things and that’s why you see me here on Re-verb Nation. I have achieved mastery over my talents and without a doubt improvements are always being made. I am ready to compete and slay. I'M shopping what I got with a goal of being signed to one of these Major Record Labels. I am hungry, I am qualified, and I am very capable. I will very much get it if it’s the last thing I do. I gonna keep Banging on that door! I’m doing everything on my own until then and it’s hard out here. I write/arrange and sing all of my music compositions. I made a promise my fans that no matter how hard it gets, I’ll do what it takes to make my dream come true. My success is your success and that is worth everything to me. I hope that through following me as I follow my dreams that I am able to inspire my fans to follow their dreams also. I am currently wrapping up recording on my Debut Album accordingly entitled “PRESCRIPTION RX”. While I’m wrapping up recording for “PRESCRIPTION RX”. I’m also writing songs for my next album .This album has been a long time coming. I know when you hear my music it’s going to sound like I’m comfortable in the studio, Like I’ve been recording for a long time. What no one knows is, the first time I actually recorded anything after all of the 20 years of training my voice was January of 2012.This music game has really changed and I have had to change with it. I trained as a live performer type of singer all my life and never envisioned myself as a recording artist (lol I was actually terrified of the studio).What I know now is, I am a Recording Artist/Hit Maker of a Songwriter ready to Fascinate and captivate the world with my perspective on life, my talent, creativity along with my rare beauty from the other side of the world representing millions of masses of unknown and unheard women among many other things I am looking forward to showing the world through my success.

When did i start singing?

I wouldn't call it singing. I remember the first time I “sounded out” I had just turned 5 years old. I call it “sounding out” because I didn’t know what I was doing when this happened. I just know it felt amazing and I loved it. I remember it was a really hot summer day in the Rift Valley (For those who don’t know, this is a historic valley on the African continent) all the other kids had already gone home and that day my mom was a little late to pick me up from school. It was little old me in the middle of a dust storm on a hot summer day. There was nothing but miles and miles of flat uninhabited land in every direction. It was one of the few days in my life I would call “epic” and I will never forget that day. The day God came to me gave me my gift and it has been growing since then and it continues to get better with age. And As soon as I saw Whitney Houston Sing “I wanna dance with somebody “I knew that was it! I knew what I wanted out of life and I would do my best to get there, I am on this path as we speak!

What I want the world to know about me?

1. I am Human.
2. I am not perfect.
3) I've worked really hard to get to where I’m at now.
4) Against all the odds.. is my Life story.
5) I am very grateful for each and every little thing in my life and I'M GRATEFUL THAT YOU ARE reading this...Thank You!

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