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The Fronts / Bio

Together since 2004 and originating as a local Edmonton, AB. cover band, The Fronts 'officially' took shape in 2009 when it was unanimously decided amongst long time members Dom, Dave, and Troy that playing other peoples music was...well - getting old.

Converting a Whyte ave. area residential garage into a studio, the boys shifted focus and got to work writing tunes but quickly realized just what a struggle finding their own 'sound' actually was.

Drawing from a vast array of influences given each band members background, song structure, lyrics and melodies were in a manner of speaking "all over the fucking place". Further, with both Dom and Dave looking to leverage the advantage of two vocalists, another wrinkle was added. What had worked so well in making a stellar cover band was proving to be a liability in creating their own sound. 2 steps forward. 3 back.

Fast forward to 2012.

Songs begun to take shape, and a sound was definitely emerging. What had for so long been working against the Fronts, was finally beginning to work for them.

Still hard to classify, yet remarkably 'familiar' sounding, The Fronts eclectic range of influences driven by the sonic charge of dual vocals resulted in moody, melodically driven tunes that are neither particularly radio friendly nor a challenging listen.

I suppose you could say, you'd have to hear it for yourself.

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Band Members
David Forster, Dominic Lacroix, Troy Hrushka
Artist Name
The Fronts
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